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How to Use Keyboard shortcuts in Yahoo Mail

Are you still using the same patterns and wasting your precious time while using you're a yahoo mail account? If yes then don’t get panic with as know you can use a simple few steps and save your time. There are various keyboard shortcuts that will help you in your yahoo mail. If you enjoy clicking the Compose button in Yahoo and dragging old emails the take a few minutes and go through this piece of write up and get complete steps on how to use  keyboard shortcuts and keep doing the things but in a hassle free manner.’

Use Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

As you know yahoo mail is available with a simple desktop program like interface that allows for mouse pointing. This feature of yahoo also includes various countless keyboard shortcuts that can be sooner for necessary actions you take over and over—particularly in case you have your fingers hovering above the upright anyhow.

To save your time use the following shortcuts:

To compose an email:

•To send an email: Ctrl-Enter

•To save draft: Ctrl-S

•Attaching a file: Ctrl-Shift-U

•To underline the bold or highlighted text: Ctrl-U

•To Italicize bold text: Ctrl-I

•Make bold text: Ctrl-B

•Highlight all text: Ctrl-A

•For left-align: Ctrl-Shift-L

•For right-align text: Ctrl-Shift-R

•For center alignment: Ctrl-Shift-E

Another email open and preview options:

•Search inside the message: Ctrl-F

•First of all, you need to go to the next occurrence (while searching): Enter

•To open the next email message: Ctrl-.

•To open the previous message: Ctrl-,

On the "Home" Tab or Viewing a Folder

•To compose a new email message: N

•For new instantaneous messaging chat: C

•To check new mail: M

•Check for new mail: Shift-M

•Choose all emails: Ctrl-A

Keyboard shortcutAction

•To reply to a message: R

•Reply all to a message: A

•To Forwarding a message

•Mark as reading:K

•Mark as unread: Shift+K

•Star/Unstar a message: L

•Print message: P

In case you want to know more about these shortcuts or how to use then you can take help of the experts also and use the shortcuts effortlessly. For this, you can dial a toll-free Yahoo tech support phone number and the support technicians will offer you with best solutions in a predetermined period of time.

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