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How to Use Clickable Phrases to Direct users to Your Website

According to the Office for National Statistics, the overall income from online transactions across the UK retail sector increased by 14% in the 12 months between May 2016 and 2017. Whilst this shows that a comprehensive online marketing strategy, smooth user experience and sales conversion methods are highly important in the online selling era, to promote further growth, there needs to be a more efficient way to bring consumers to the online sales experience from offline marketing promotions as well.

Mobile searches, reviews and comparisons influence 56% of offline purchasing decisions, a recent Deloitte study has shown, but how can an omnichannel marketing strategy be successful without the flow of traffic going in both directions? Offline marketing activities need to involve a persuasive call-to-action which allows potential customers to easily access digital content which will convert to sales.

That’s where clickable phrases come in.

What is a Clickable Phrase?

In their simplest form, clickable phrases are a selection of two to four words, which, when written with periods instead of spaces, automatically become links to specific content. For example, “” acts as a full website, without the ‘www.’ Or ‘.com’ part of the url. The phrase is simply readable and memorable, so offline viewers don’t need to worry about remembering whether it was ‘.com’ or’’

Don’t clickable Phrases Already Exist?

It is important to make the distinction between clickable phrases and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are part of the text which is clickable but will redirect to a web address. For example, this hyperlink will take you to another article about clickable phrases, which has its own URL, whilst the phrase automatically directs visitors to a website of the same name, as it is a url in its own right.


How Do Clickable Phrases Work?

Clickable phrases are set to improve offline and online ROI immensely. Research has shown that attractive links receive more clicks than unattractive links, and easy-to-read phrases which adequately describe the content they are going to lead to are considered much more attractive than links which contain the prefixes and suffixes of original web addresses.

These phrases, also known as ‘semantic domains’ or ‘spoken domains’ have been made possible by the release of several new domain name possibilities. Recently, several options for replacing the ‘.com’ were introduced to the digital word, including ‘.sale’, ‘.shop’ and ‘.game’. These alternative domains make web addresses so much easier to say – which is ideal in a world where more and more people are speaking into their search engines, rather than typing.


The Importance of Natural Language

Whilst saying the phrase ‘dot com’ has become more commonplace over the past 20 years, it still feels overly technical and can be off-putting for some potential consumers to say or even remember. With semantic domains, there is no need to struggle to remember which domain is correct, as it is part of the phrase. Trying to remember ‘’ is much harder than simply remembering ‘’, for example.


What Does This Mean for Offline Campaigns?

For offline marketing campaigns, clickable phrases bring a change in the way sales conversions are made. Rather than having a clunky, outdated-looking URL plastered onto an advertisement or business card, business can now just include three easy-to-remember words which can be typed, or spoken, into their devices to bring them instantly to the online content that will both be beneficial to the consumer and will increase ROI and sales conversions for businesses.

The opportunities to use these phrases are limitless, as different phrases can be used for particular products, which combats the issue of leading potential customers to a business’ homepage, rather than to the content they were hoping to be shown – which is obviously going to make most people lose interest and possibly move away from the site, losing a sales lead. 

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