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How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro?

You can easily straighten your hair at home using a flat iron. It is more advisable to get a ceramic flat iron as it is less harmful to the hair. The professional-grade ones work by releasing infrared and negative ions which seal in moisture as you straighten the hair. In order to prevent heat damage, it is advisable to follow these steps from start to finish:


The first step is to cleanse the hair by shampooing then follow it up with conditioning to infuse the hair with moisture. Use products that are moisturizing and straightening as they make your work easier once you start straightening. After the final rinse, pat your hair dry instead of ruffling it. This prevents frizz and reduces breakage. After this one has to use a thermal protection serum, preferably one with argan, coconut or Moroccan oil. This helps to prevent heat damage. Additionally, blow dry the hair on low setting in order to straighten it and avoid frizz at the same time. Blowdrying in a downward motion encourages the hair to dry straight. 

The Technique

Turn on your flat iron and choose the preferred heat setting. This setting is not entirely pegged on your judgment but rather on the texture and strength of your hair. The drier and more brittle it is, the lower your setting should be. The thicker and stronger it is, the higher the setting will be. Ensure that you work in sections in order to achieve the desired results. Working with one to two inch-sections makes for tighter curls and they tend to last longer. These sections also easily pass through the flat iron. You can make a top bun and section from the neck going upwards. Once you section, clamp the hair with the flat iron about an inch from the scalp to avoid burning yourself and run the iron all through the hair shaft. The number of times you run it through depends on the strength of the flat iron and the thickness and strength of your hair. The thicker it is, the more times you have to run it over in order to achieve your desired results. Remember not to clamp the hair too tight as this may cause breakage and a ridge on that section of your hair. After this you can apply a setting serum or hairspray to keep the hair straight all day. If your hair is prone to frizz it is best to use an anti-frizz product. Those with silicone as an ingredient work best. Applying this before flat ironing could damage the hair as well as the flat iron. It is therefore strongly advised against.

Keeping the hair straight

In addition to applying serum or hair spray, you could opt to blow dry the hair for about a minute or two after straightening it. This can be done with the help of a thick brush. Also, remember to carry an umbrella in case it rains or gets misty.

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