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Samantha Russell
Samantha Russell Certified Eating Psychology Coach
over 1 year Story
How to stop looking for love "out there"

“We’re always looking for love somewhere else… we don’t think that much about whether we love, or even like, ourselves”.

How true is that?!

That’s a direct quote from the beginning of the amazing interview I did with Susan Gerrish, a Mind-Body Eating Psychology Coach who just blew my mind with her gorgeous approach to self-love AND the boat-load of actionable advice she shared.

Susan shares exactly how to stop looking for love somewhere else – and it’s really powerful.

Seriously guys, if you want some awesome, easy, and effective ways to start practicing self-love, then Susan is your lady. She peppers this interview with things you can really start doing.

See the original post (and links) over here.

This is part of the Irresistible Self-Love Series. You can find the whole series here.

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Samantha Russell
Certified Eating Psychology Coach

I help women who struggle with unwanted eating, body image, and food. Together, we use dynamic eating psychology and positive mind-body nutrition to really understand what's going on, and heal in a real and lasting way. You'll love your food, your body, and your life!

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