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How to grow your Instagram page

Instagram it hot. Really hot. It has over 600 million users at the moment, and this is still growing in double-digit percentages.

Growing your Instagram page is hard, but there are a few great techniques you can use to achieve better results.

Firstly, make sure you take great photos. There are many online guides to taking good photos, and its becoming easier and easier to create professional content with just a smartphone. Great content won't instantly make your page grow, but its certainly a pre-requisite for any sort of consistent growth.

Another great technique is to track your Instagram stats. You can use a too like for this, which shows you a set of Awesome statistics for your page. This helps to optimise your future growth as you can see what does and doesn't work.

Thirdly, make sure you target niche hashtags. More popular hashtags have a lot more competition and so your pictures will get lost immediately. With smaller hashtags, you have a much better chance of hitting the "top posts" and therefore getting more exposure.

Finally, make sure you engage with other users. Sift through content and like and comment on things that take your eye. This will lead people to follow back to your page, and increase engagement on your own page. You can use an Instagram bot to do this task for you if you wish, which will save you a lot of time. However, this isn't essential as it can certainly be done manually which is a great technique, especially for the start of your page.

Overall, winning on Instagram is about consistency. You won't become a huge page overnight, but you can certainly build up a strong following over a fairly short time if you are very consistent with your strategy.

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