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sathisharumugam Digital Marketing Consultant
1y Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Story
How To Grow Tomatoes At Your Home?

It's a simple process to grow tomatoes from seed . If you pay attention to a few small details you be able to grow tomato seedlings that rival plants you will find at your local greenhouse.

Since tomatoes will grow roots from any part of the stem that is underground I start my tomatoes earlier than is commonly recommended.

You will be able to transplant your tomatoes a couple of times before finally taking them out to the garden if you plant your seeds 10 weeks before the last frost in your area instead of the recommended 6 to 8 weeks.

It's possible to save tomato seeds save tomato seeds from your best tomatoes and use them the following year, or or you can simply buy them in packages.

You can use starting mix which is specially designed to promote germination, but I had just as good of success using ordinary potting soil.

Spread your seeds out over your soil, then cover them with ¼ inch of soil. Place them in the shade and keep them damp until they start to germinate. As soon as you see the first few sprouts move them to a sunny location like a window sill.

I want my tomato plants to have as strong of a root system as possible I like to transplant them to bigger pots whenever I think they are tall enough. Simply cut off the bottom few branches and plant them right up to the remaining forage.

Before you move your tomatoes to the garden you will need to harden them off for at least a week. Spend a week or so slowly introducing them to the elements by bringing them outside starting with just an hour or so. Once they are OK spending 24 hours outside it is safe to transplant them.

You don't need to be a horticultural expert or have a greenhouse to grow tomatoes from seed. Tomatoes are hardy plants and will do well even if the conditions are completely ideal.

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2 replies

  • Sasha Blemming

    I love growing cherry tomatoes - they are so yummy to eat straight from the garden!

    I love growing cherry tomatoes - they are so yummy to eat straight from the garden!

  • Suzie
    1y ago

    Wonderful method!

    Wonderful method!

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