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15d Story
How to Find Your Niche in Consulting

To succeed in consulting, or really in any industry, be entrepreneurial in how you manage your career.

Here’s a tip: If you meet resistance when you want to make an internal move, take it as a compliment. It means you’re good and your current team wants to keep you.

But it’s your career, and you’ve got to decide what you want.

That’s what I did in my consulting career.

Finding my career sweet spot
I started my Accenture career in Strategy. I enjoyed the fast pace, and I worked within so many industries, from banking and pharma to metals. I gained invaluable experience and had the opportunity to meet and learn from so many people—which proved to be integral when I made my next career move.

The work I was doing was more high-level and strategic, but I wanted something more tangible. I moved into technology consulting to work in the sweet spot between strategy and delivery, to get closer to the “how” and help transform clients’ organizations front to back, with a pivot on technology.

The great thing about Accenture is that you have options because of our end-to-end capabilities. Clients benefit because they can access the total solution from one source. And it creates more opportunities for your career.

I made the most of my contacts to make the move happen. I started with one client in the natural resources sector, who I’m still working with three years later. That’s the “proof in the pudding”.

I had a change-management role on my first project in natural resources. It started with setting everything up for a pilot; it finished with rolling out a solution to 24 sites across the world. This took me to places I’d never been before: Colombia, Brazil and the Nordics.

The technology + human equation
I focus on the chemical and natural resources industries. I work with many people who come from a plant or factory background. They tend to be pragmatic, very hands-on.

Instead of spending a lot of time talking about what they’re going to do, they get on and do it.

In resources, the technology itself is just one part of the equation. The human element is the other part. We’re frontrunners in things like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, but it’s how you deliver it through agile and innovative ways of working and design-thinking workshops that matters.

I also reach out to Accenture people beyond these industries to build our Industry X.0 expertise.

Find your niche
I’ve found my niche working in the natural resources sector with Technology Consulting. Moving from pure strategy to more execution has ticked so many boxes for me.

Whatever your career aspirations, I think it’s important to be entrepreneurial in the way you manage your career. Be willing to accept change, and remember, if you make people happy by doing a good job, they’ll make you happy.

Just don’t expect to snap your fingers and it will all fall into place.

In consulting, it’s impossible to predict what will happen or where you’ll be in a year’s time. An open mind opens doors.

Find your niche with Accenture Consulting and do work that’s transforming the world.

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