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Polo REO Tate
Polo REO Tate Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.
19d Story
How to find the product that’s right for you before you break your bank.

I had an epiphany at my own expense yesterday morning while scrolling through my social media. Between every other person’s feed, was an ad for an organizational system, a diet, a lifestyle, something to help keep us on task, and each one was championing the opposite philosophy of the previous one. There were ads promising weight loss by adhering to a low-fat, no oil diet; the very next one swore by a high-fat Keto diet. There was an ad for “working smarter not harder” then one right after claiming that there is no replacement for the daily “grind” of doing the leg work. There were ads telling me to never put my money in the hands of others, invest it myself, and the very next ad was for the supposed most prolific, trustworthy investment firm in the country. It was amazing to watch the buffet of human ingenuity on display. We are quite brilliant as a species. And when we find something that has worked for us, and we think we have the answer, it’s incredible that we want to share it. Sharing is a huge part of what gives our lives meaning, connection with others, and a sense of drive.

And the advice we “swear by,” the cure-all solution we proselytize, is totally subjective. 

I thought back to my post-college, apocalyptic phase of sheer survival-mode wherein I tried every system, every food configuration, every quick-fix, slow-fix, total-fix and placebo I possibly could to make myself “do” more in my life. And it ran me ragged before I realized that I was “doing” because I was scared that it wasn’t enough to pause for a moment, and just “be.” 

I looked down at the myriad of contradictory information being hurled at me in just ten minutes I had spent online, and I began to wonder what would happen to us if, before trying every solution on the market, or buying into someone else’s gospel, we stopped, got quiet, and tapped into who we truly are at our core...? What if we woke up and sat in utter silence for twenty minutes, listening to our heart beats, our breath, our bodies, and the eventual dissipating chatter of our minds, first...? What if we practiced listening for what our inner self has to say, feel, show to us...? What if we tapped into our innate love, respect and worthiness that shines like a beacon within each of us, first, before we looked at anything online, watched anything on television, or spoke to any other person...? What if we connected to our inherent intuition FIRST, and then moved from there...?

Because, we can try every system and product on the market—we can let everyone else tell us where to go, what to do and how to do it—but ultimately, we will always either gravitate towards what feels good to us, or resent having to do what doesn’t.  So why not start from a place of awareness about what feels good to us in the first place, and then—through that filer—target our searches accordingly...? It will absolutely save us all tremendous time, money and frustration if we listen to our intuition before taking action.

Our intuition is NEVER WRONG. 

It is our own personal navigation system taking into account all of what we know to be true inherently, all of what we have come to know situationally, and all of what we have experienced in life thus far. It is our inner whisper of truth from our cumulative self. And it communicates profoundly with us through our bodies, our guts, our hearts. If we can muster the courage to practice listening, hearing, then heeding it, we can sift through the wonders of human ingenuity without getting lost in a cacophony of other people’s commands. Instead, we can tune our inner ear to hear the symphony of brilliant human diversity while at the same time, dancing through it with much more accuracy, pleasure and fun...

And that, of course, is MY plug for adding joy, efficiency, and fulfillment to this beautiful life experience. But don’t worry—if you missed this article, I will be sure to make an infomercial about it...coming soon to social media site near you :)

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Polo REO Tate
Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.

Polo REO Tate was born in Lansing, Michigan, where her family has deep ties to the community. Her Great Great Grandfather was Ransom Eli Olds (R.E. Olds), a pioneer and prolific inventor most notably responsible for inventing the first internal combustion automobile—the Oldsmobile. Growing up, [...]

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