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How to find safe and good shopping sites

If you are looking to buy something you, like so many others, will most likely start in your browser. Searching for a product or service brings many interesting results including being able to compare prices finding your way to the best store. Many times that is an online store and indeed, online shopping is thriving like never before as people get used to ordering through different types of sites. But how can you make sure to find safe and good shopping sites? There are a few very simple things that you can do to stay safe as you shop online.

Listen to other shoppers

Did you know that there are simple add-ons that you can use with your Firefox browser to get information from other online shoppers? With Web of Trust you get the help of many millions of Internet surfers who make sure to report sites that are illegal and dangerous. Using the script you will get warnings and you will stay clear of shops that are not safe to buy in. Being part of the community you can also help and let others know if you experience a site that acts in a fraudulent way making the tool even stronger.

Can you trust the reviews?

Today it is easy to get information about products by simply scanning user reviews. Most big web stores have this type of user review system but can you really trust the reviews? They appear to come from real users and when the reviewers have to show who they are by giving the comment through their Facebook account it seems legitimate, right?

The truth is that you can’t trust the user reviews, not even on very big and reputable shopping sites. Some companies give freebies to people who voice their positive feedback, so it is very hard to tell who is honest and who is not. Nobody is going to check if Anna Hansen really liked the shopping experience and continues to use the product, not even when she gives her positive feedback using her real name.

If you want to use reviews from other people to find safe and good shopping sites it is better to go for general forums where people talk without any specific interest. But even here there may be paid opinions so you need to gather many more opinions as many different members of the forum comment about a specific online shop.

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