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How to customize your ethnic wear

Hello ladies! Every one of us has at some period of time thought about how to make our ethnic wear more suited to ourselves. In this post, we discuss how to customize that special lehenga, anarkali suit, lehenga suit, saree or ethnic wear for your needs and specific body type. Some customizations are easy to do – like latkans on the dupatta, zipper details on the blouse or slits on the skirt of the ethnic wear piece. Let’s discuss these details in order to determine which customizations are best suited to the style you want.

One of the simplest ways of customizing a blouse and skirt style ethnic wear piece is to focus on its blouse – specifically the sleeves. Half sleeves are the most popular style due to its versatility – it suits women of all ages, builds and preferences. Sleeveless styles were considered bold in earlier times, but that’s no big deal these days. Sleeveless styles are the best bet for girls who are experimenting with ethnic wear. Also, sleeveless styles ensure that your shapely and toned arms are flaunted easily. The newly popular styles are the elbow length sleeve and three quarter sleeve. Elbow length sleeves are very pretty, and make sure that the outfit looks pretty graceful. The three quarter length sleeve is modest and high coverage at the same time – plus it is very very comfortable.

If you are looking for a demure and graceful option, the long full sleeve is the way to go. This style of sleeves ensures that the length of your hands is proportionate to your body. The full sleeve can again be diversified in two options as well – the ‘churi’ style of sleeve where the fabric bunches at the end of the arm; and the straight cut.

So, we hope you choose the best option to customize your ethnic wear!

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