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How to Choose the Right Ping Pong Table

Whether you’re a beginner, pro or arcade owner, choosing the right ping pong table to suit your needs can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important things to look out for when shopping for a ping pong table.


A standard ping pong table is 9ft long, 5ft wide, 2ft 6” high while the net is 6ft long and 6” high. With these dimensions, you’ll need at least 3 feet on both sides to be able to play freely. For optimal performance, you should stick to the minimum regulation standard of 28ft by 13ft.

Don’t be deterred by the size and required space, a lot of ping pong tables are foldable for esy storage when not in use so you don’t have to give up your den, celler, garage completely. An added advantage of a mobile table is that you can move it around when you want a change of scenery.


The right ping pong table for you also depends on where you’ll be using the table. Indoor tables provide a more natural bounce than outdoor tables but they need extra care. They need to be kept away from sunlight and moisture to avoid warping so if you’re going to play outdoors or in a room with exposure to direct sunlight or moisture, an outdoor table is the best bet for you. Outdoor ping pong tables come in a variety of formats —usually the legs and supports are waterproofed/rustproofed to stand up to the elements. The actual table surface can be metallic, wood with a waterproof coating, and even some form of synthetic laminate. Outdoor tables are stronger and last longer so if you’re looking to get real value for your money, opt for an outdoor table.

Another thing to consider under this category is whether the table is for personal or commercial use. If the table is simply for recreational use for you and your family, a smaller, lighter table would be okay. Where it’s for practice or commercial use, it’s best to stick to the standard table and room sizes.

You should also consider how often the table will be used and if it will have a permanent spot or be moved around alot. This will inform your decision to buy a stationary or mobile table.

Your Budget

The type of table you buy is also dictated by your budget. While it cheaper short term to buy a low grade table, it costs more in the long run because you’d have to get replacements frequently and it’s way less fun to play with.

The price of ping pong tables is often influenced by its thickness. The cheapest tables are 12mm thick, have no bounce and simply ruin the fun. If you're on a tight budget, you can get a 16mm table. The bounce is not so great but it’s better than a 12mm table. The ideal table thickness is 19mm, if you can afford this kind of table go for it. 22mm and 25mm tables are the most expensive and are ideal for clubs and competitions respectively. You can find the best tables to suit your needs and budget on

Skill Level of Players

Another factor to consider is the skill level of the players who’d use the table. The different categories of players –professional players, club players, recreational players, league players, family and friends– all have different needs so be sure to think about the players' needs before choosing a table.

Table Legs and Levelling

Make sure to pick a table with good sturdy legs and supports. A table with leg levellers is a good idea when you won’t be playing on level ground. Also, watch out for table tops that are warped. One way to check this is to put your eyes at table height and look for any bending or warping that may affect the bounce of the ball.


Purchasing the right ping pong table is no easy task. Though It is easy to be deceived by price or style, the tips listed above are guaranteed to help you make the right choice.

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