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Regina Davies
Regina Davies Creative girl
10mo Kansas City, Kansas, USA Story
How to choose the perfect lift chair to help your elderly parents?

Thanks to so many benefits it offers, a lift chair is an excellent gift for your loved ones. Most older adults have health issues. Some of them live in nursing homes where they sit all day long in a poor posture. Having a comfy chair is vital for seniors, and it prevents declining of the mobility.

Below are five significant features to consider when selecting the lift chair for elderly people. These features are essential for the health and bring joy back to their life.


A lift chair is not suitable for immobile persons and for those who cannot shift their weight independently.

If one of your parents has a pacemaker, ask a doctor whether it is allowed to use an electric-powered lift chair. Some specialists think that such chairs produce a magnetic field that may affect pacemakers.

Key features of a lift chair

First, look carefully at your old folks. How old are they? What do they like to do on a daily basis? What hobby do they have, do they like reading, knitting, or watching the TV? With their priorities in mind, you make the right pick.

Quality and warranty

Safety is crucial. A chair should not break in any conditions. To find the best quality, choose among the most popular brands with a good reputation.

When it comes to warranty terms, follow the rule – the longer, the better. Don’t choose models with a 30-day or even 6-month warranty. If something goes wrong, you may have troubles with the replacement or repair of the chair. Ideal warranty lasts more than 5 years.


If you buy a chair online, the package will come in one or two boxes. The size of the boxes is mentioned in the product description next to the dimensions of an item.

Check if each box goes through the house doorways. It’s not cool to unpack on the front yard and go back and forth with the furniture parts. Unless you live in California and local magic squirrels help you – then it would be quite a Disney story.

The dimensions of a chair should suit parents’ living space. For smaller rooms, you need more miniature furniture. In the future, you may want to move a chair to another place, so be sure that the unit goes through the doorways.


Prefer lightweight and small-sized models if your folks want to move a chair by their own hands. Some elders like to travel and want to take their new favorite chair with them. Make sure that a piece of furniture is suitable for their RV. In other cases, portability is not the point. An average adult (man or woman) can move almost every lift chair except super heavy ones.

Weight capacity and seat size

You can find the chair weight capacity in the product descriptions. Most of the models are designed for 200-300 lb. The seat is usually wide enough for comfort long-hour sitting.

Units for heavy persons can handle more than 380 lb and provide extra-wide seats and armrests.


The elders often suffer from lumbar or knee pain or just quickly become tired. It is also hard for them to lift themselves up. A real comfy lift chair with rising and reclining function will satisfy their needs.

Rising function makes lifting up easier and more safe for the knees and spine. Reclining is good for relaxing while watching TV or reading.

There are two types of chair control: electric and manual.

Electric-powered chair connects to the wall outlet. It has motors to power lift and recline. A manual-controlled chair has the button to unblock rising or reclining functions; then a user needs to push or pull it gently. It doesn’t require great physical strength. Most of the elders can do it effortlessly.

Chairs have different capacity:

  • Two positions: sitting and standing
  • Three positions: sitting, standing, and reading
  • Infinite positions

The last option is better than the others. A lift chair with infinite positions offers full reclining control, and user can set it as they want.

Adjustable features

It is ideal if a lift chair has the following adjustable elements:

  • Headrest
  • Armrests
  • Footrest
  • High

With some models, you can adjust everything. More adjustable chairs cost more, but they’re worth the money.

Type of covering

A chair upholstery should be skin-friendly and easy-to-clean. It should not stick to the skin or cause sweating. It is better to choose a fabric cover than real or faux leather.

Some young people think that a leather chair has a more stylish look, but most of the elders don’t feel comfortable in them, especially when the weather is hot and humid.

Padded armrests, cushions, headrest, and footrest make sitting more comfortable. However, some of the elders like more solid chairs with no soft pillows. Make a choice based on your folks’ habits.

Features for safety

If your parents are physically challenged, you need a steady (not rotating) chair. Sometimes one member of the family wants to rock or rotate while seating and another don’t find it exciting. If so, you need a chair with tilt-lock function.

When picking up an electric chair, prefer models with the battery. In the event of a power failure, the battery backup will reset the chair and return it into normal position.

Extra features

Here are some additional features you may find in a good lift chair:

  • Built-in USB-ports for charging smartphones and tablets
  • Remote control
  • Cup holders
  • Lumbar heating
  • Vibration
  • Fullback or lumbar massage
  • Rocking up to 180 degrees
  • Swivel up to 360 degrees

Luxury chairs are more feature-rich than basic ones. Not all of the elders like vibration, heating, or massage. Before buying, you had better ask your folks what they are expecting from a lift chair. When you make their dreams come true, they will be delighted.

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Regina Davies
Creative girl

25 y.o. enthusiast, traveler and artist. I love my husband and our precious home, so it would be a pleasure to share my experience with you.

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