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7mo Curaçao Story

How To choose A Swimsuit You Love To Wear


Sexy bikinis always make you think of a summer vacation. And no matter what the weather forecast tells you, you have to know how to choose a swimsuit you love to wear. Is has to be cool, it has to be sexy and it has to fit your body and personality like a glove.

Investing in the right swimsuit, which will be a staple in your wardrobe for at least a couple of seasons, is not easy. You have to choose a classic color, but also one which will send the beach and party vibe. And it has to be the right style for your body shape to feel good and feminine.

When you have a beach escapade on your mind, the last thing you want to think about are sexy swimsuits rules. But you do have to think about what makes you feel good and confident in your body. And a small piece of material will do the rest.

Sexy Beachwear's Little Guide Book

Your body is different than others and this plays a big role when going for sexy beachwear. You have to let your curves be safe in the right fabrics while playing volleyball on the beach. And you also have to get an even tan when sun-bathing. That's why you need specific models for different activities.

One-piece models are great if you're staying hidden while sipping Champagne. They’re also great when swimming in the ocean, as you'll feel safe to move around, and they’re perfect when the sun sets. But bikinis are great to lounge by the pool. You can opt for the triangle bikini top or the bandeau bikini top to get an even tan. The choice just depends what you want to wear and how you want to tan. As for a bikini bottoms a tiny skimpy bikini bottom will give you the best tan, but a ruched back tie-sides bikini bottom that provides a bit more coverage, also allows you to tan well.

Where you are from and where you are going makes a big impact on the sexy swimwear you'll be choosing to feel good in. For example, in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and tropical countries, the smaller the better! But many Americans prefer a little bit more coverage.

Snake Gold One Piece Swimsuit
Cheetah Triangle Bikini Top & Ruched Back Tie-sides Bikini Bottom


One Sexy Bikini To Fit Them All

There is one model which you will love to wear no matter your body shape or personality. The classic triangle bikini will soon become your best friend. This model will highlight your pluses and hide the minuses.

If you have a big chest, it will show your curves and if you don't, it will help you push your beautiful shapes up. When it comes to the bottom coverage, think of the smaller the better. A higher leg cut will make your behind look skinnier and your legs longer, no matter if you’re curvy or skinny. The more coverage you choose for a bikini bottom, the bigger your behind will look and often it also makes the behind look flat.

When thinking about choosing a swimsuit to love to wear this summer, there are three big ideas you have to take into account:

  1. First you have to choose a simple classic model in black. You can take it out during the day for a swim and a tan session. And you can also take it out at night with a fun printed cover-up. We love the basic little black bikini that we think every woman should have in their closet!


Black Triangle Bikini Top & Black Skimpy Bikini Bottom

  1. The next bikini should definitely be a fun color. Think of a shade which will make your tanned skin look silky and shiny. For example, you can opt for a snake hot pink bikini.

Read the full story here :

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