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alexakhazzam Alexa Khazzam-President of Spanish River Community High School
16d Story
How to Change Someone's Life.

I am 16 years old and I'm a junior in highschool. Moving to Florida from New York this year was tough and obscure. I felt extremely alone, depressed, and confused as to how I would live like this for another two years until I went off to college and had to start over once again. A week of school went friends. Another friends. I was beginning to lose hope and confidence in myself as a person.

That's when my life changed. I saw a video on how to use the Law of Attraction to get anything you want. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, no, it's not going to make pigs fly... but it did help me change my mindset and meet Jordan. 

I woke up Monday morning after a weekend of positive thoughts. I went to class after class and finally, I ended up in my AP Language Arts class. Right next to me sits a girl, my height, brown hair, wearing a sweatshirt from the camp she goes to. "I know someone from that camp who lives in New York!!" I thought to myself.

"Hey! Do you by any chance know a girl named Abby from your camp that lives in Roslyn? I just moved here from there!" 


Boom. My first successful conversation. Not gonna lie, it lasted for another few seconds but I felt so happy. 

The next day, Jordan invited me over to her house to go with her to a BBYO meeting. If yu don't know, BBYO is a Jewish Youth Organization where you can meet a ton of awesome teens! That Wednesday, I went to Jordan's house and met her friend Emily who drove us to BBYO. ANOTHER FRIEND?! How was I doing so well?! 

That was September. It is now March and not only am I still doing BBYO, but I'm on the chapter board as treasurer!!! How crazy!! Not to mention, Jordan is my best friend here and I met ALL of her other awesome friends that I am now friends with too. I actually have more friends here than I did in New York.

The other day, some girl and I were talking and I started to talk about New York. She said, "Wait... you're new this year??" and I go, "Yea! You didn't know??" and she said, "No!! I didn't know it was possible to be new and have as many friends as you have! That's awesome!!" That made my day. 

So a tip on how to change someone's life, be a Jordan. Talk to someone! Invite them over! Be friendly!!! Jordan literally saved me. I know I had a change in mind but if it weren't for Jordan being so awesome, I don't know how I would ever be happy right now.

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1 comment

  • Danica
    11d ago

    Aww I love the message of this piece. 

    Aww I love the message of this piece. 

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Report this post
Alexa Khazzam-President of Spanish River Community High School

My life consisits of: Writing, Stranger Things, and Cookies.

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