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EmpowermentGuru Writer & Storyteller Trainer
over 2 years Scottsdale, AZ, United States Story
How to Avoid Burnout in Life

Research shows that women are burning out by age 30 these days. Burnout happens for a variety of reasons, although the most common reason is stress.

As a recovering burnout myself, I want to be able to help women avoid that long, lonely, trench all together. My name is Carrie Severson and I'm a burnout specialist. I'm also an entrepreneur and a writer. 

The response I received from a piece I wrote for The Huffington Post in late 2014 called ‘I’m a Recovering Burnout’ was unlike responses I’ve received from other periodicals. Women from around the world reached out to me to thank me for putting a name to what they are experiencing. Burnout.

The demand to talk about burnout and ways to recover from burnout hasn't slowed down.

I launched three DIY Empowerment Practices to help women either out of burnout or avoid it all together!

Burnout can be a blessing. When it happens to us, we're forced to take a good hard look at our lives and hit the reset button. We're guided to either find our purpose, find our center again, or deepen our relationships.

The DIY Empowerment Practices I created can be found at 

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Report this post
Writer & Storyteller Trainer

Carrie Severson is an entrepreneur and storyteller trainer who teaches leaders how to step into their stories and share their lessons. She writes about love, health, burnout, harmony and purpose for national media outlets. She can often times be found on a stage sharing stories. You can always find [...]

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