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How Sanvers from Supergirl give us hope.

Finally, there’s hope that a lesbian couple could actually survive on a TV show. The writers of Supergirl are doing a great job at creating a beautiful storyline for Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer or Sanvers for short. It is the most positive and realistic representation by far.

We are always tormented with stories of ugly and painful coming out stories. Though most of them are true, there are still coming out stories that are positive and inspiring that needs to be shed light on. At last, we got to see it from Supergirl. The show tackled it well enough portraying Maggie’s coming out journey as her family and friends showed nothing but respect, love and acceptance towards her. This shows how family and friends and society in general can be supportive to any LGBTQ persons out there because at the end of the day, love is love.

Sanvers prove that a lesbian couple could be in a healthy, loving and functioning relationship just like any other heterosexual couples out there. They allow open and honest conversation with one another so that every single emotion gets dealt with. That is respect on a whole new level. They respect each other enough to listen with the intention to understand their partner better.

A couple that fights together stays together; well at least in their case. They are each others’ confidante. Sanvers understand the importance of being supportive in a relationship and they accommodate to each others’ needs. When challenges come knocking at their door, they deal with them together.

This storyline encourages people to accept their sexuality and gives them courage to come out to family and friends. Fans understand that despite the challenges that may surface, there is still hope to be able to experience a wonderful journey. It is not always pain and suffering like how other TV shows portrayed it to be.

With all that being said, LGBTQ representatives do not have to die in every TV show. That’s equivalent to saying that all LGBTQ relationships don’t work out in real life; which is nothing but utter nonsense. Yes, the set of challenges are different but every relationship has different dynamics anyway. So it is unfair to put LGBTQ representatives in a bad light. 

So for all Sanvers fans out there, let’s hope that Alex and Maggie would continue to create more beautiful moments together so that all of us can be a part of this amazing and breathtaking journey.

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