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PEAK6 Investments
PEAK6 Investments At PEAK6, we’re redefining what it means to be an investment firm.
9mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
How PEAK6 Isn't Your Typical Investment Firm #peak6different

24 Chicago fintech companies revolutionizing financial services

The financial industry and new technology go hand in hand. Innovative tech allows for faster trading, smarter loans and better understanding of where money is moving. And with Chicago's history as a trading and banking city, the biggest institutions have inspired a generation of talented, tech-minded financial professionals to build startups that use tech to solve the industry's biggest problems. 


Investment firms used to run on the intuition of smart traders. But computers crunching numbers can often outperform humans with the right coding. Peak6 Investments manages risk in options trading with proprietary software that lets traders double check their gut feelings with data.

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Report this post
PEAK6 Investments
At PEAK6, we’re redefining what it means to be an investment firm.

We’re driven to see solutions others don’t — and capitalize on opportunities others miss. We operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive and push ourselves to think differently. This ambitious, visionary approach has helped us become the diverse range of successful businesses we are today, [...]

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