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rahulawana Rahul Awana
1mo New Delhi, Delhi, India Story
How Mobile Phones and the Internet can Catalyze Women’s Empowerment

A study published on International Center for Research on Women titled “Connectivity – How Mobile Phones, Computers and the Internet can catalyze Women’s Entrepreneurship” it was revealed that Indian women have the willingness and the ability to engage in and appreciate ICT-based livelihood and entrepreneurial options. ICT is basically information and communication technologies available to all sections of the society. Women are quick in adopting ICTs like mobile phones, computers and internet-enabled unlimited calling plans for their business and independent ventures for its power to break the social and traditional barriers both in the marketplace and at home.
There are two clear and basic ways in which women are benefited by using ICTs. First of all, it is often observed that for many women providing ICT products and services have itself become an enterprise. Secondly, ICTs offer effective tools that inevitably add on to the profitability and efficiency of the women enterprises. Once women develop a level of comfort with the new technologies they break past the program boundaries and use the technology to further their business interests.
It is particularly attractive for women to have an ICT-based business because the technology already carries legitimacy in the Indian society by virtue of education being a respectable profession, especially for women. Hence, given the opportunity, Indian women can be seen embracing ICTs both as an independent platform and also as a tool for enhancing their current profession, business etc.
Among all the technologies available to women, it is particularly mobile phones that support the autonomous drive of the women the most. As a business tool, they are relatively inexpensive and widespread while adding to its ease of use and individual control which makes it the favorite ICT tool for women forwarding the project for their empowerment. Internet available via postpaid plans plays a crucial role in making this device even more effective. There is enough proof of how the knowledge and information available on the Internet can be used to expand their businesses and generate greater revenues. Apart from that, mobile Internet can truly make life simpler by providing individuals access to a world of expertise and knowledge where they can learn about how smartly and easily a job can be done today. For example, if they just search for the availability of a product or where to get it or the intricacies of a job, they have the information traveling with them.
ICTs offer empowerment at multiple levels but it is particularly interesting how the time and market barriers are getting addressed through it, which is again a case especially for women because society offers pretty strict conditions for them to abide by.  Whether it is the saving of time by virtue of customers and suppliers establishing a contact through mobile phones or using their unlimited calling plans to purchase products, market services or make online transactions, women are gaining both control and respect.
In the end, there are no denying ICT-enabled women empowerment. But, there is no doubt that mobile phones and Internet plays a crucial role in the project of empowerment, and to keep the momentum of this moment in full swing, various network service providers have come up with affordable and unlimited plans that can especially benefit women entrepreneurship.

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Rahul Awana

I am a writer, Foodie and Blogger who breathes in the air of technology. I can spend hours roaming around, but when it comes to writing, I just can’t resist. smartphones, Laptops, wearable's attract me and work as an unavoidable drug. Partying is something which I like a lot, but studying and all [...]

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