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Clinton Senkow
Clinton Senkow COO at | Published Writer | Public Speaker
over 2 years Edmonton, AB, Canada Story
How MAIBA's Song Inspired Me As An Entrepreneur

I was recently searching for some new music to listen to and came across German artist/DJ MAIBA. Now for those of you that are unfamiliar with my music tastes, (98% of the people reading this) I have a wide range of genres I listen to.

Everything from country, to hip hop, classic rock, and then some electronic house. I’d say that mostly I like to listen to tropical house. Basically something with a good beat and it’s chill to listen to. I'm an easy going guy and I generally like to keep things calm and mellow.

Anyways, this post is not about my music tastes, but instead about the song I came across of MAIBA’s that really hit home for me. Once I listened to it a couple times the words started to speak to me. Then a lightbulb moment happened when I could totally relate to the words in the song.

You might be wondering what exactly we’re the lyrics to the song. So here they are:

I’m on the freeways,

I’m starting my new life,

I’m gonna take the wheel

Cause I finally feel freedom in my bones

Oh oh out here on my own

Oh oh you know I’m

Counting every white stripe

This is basically the entire chorus of the song but I wanted to explain why these words relate to me. As you might be able to tell from the title of this post, I'm an entrepreneur. Someone that left his guaranteed paycheck job just under a year ago to chase after his entrepreneurial dreams.

I’ve had so many ups and downs along the journey, but I know deep inside this is what I was made to do. Being an entrepreneur is no easy job and not made out for everyone. But I know it's the right thing for me.

Now, the lyrics I posted above-hit home because I’m an entrepreneur and if you are an entrepreneur hopefully they will for you too.

Here's a better description of what I mean.

Line #1 "Starting my new life"

Becoming an entrepreneur is basically like starting a new life because your build your dreams. You are your own boss and ultimately your future is in your hands. It's the start of a new journey that is unpredictable, risky, but highly energizing.

Line #2 "I’m gonna take the wheel"

As an entrepreneur, you are the driver of your life. You are behind the wheel and in charge. It’s your responsibility to seize the opportunities that come your way. It is your responsibility to take the steering wheel and lead yourself to where you want to go.

Line #3 "Cause I finally feel freedom in my bones"

The feeling you get when you give your two weeks notice to your employer, or the first day you wake up and realize you don’t have to report to anyone. That's the feeling of freedom. This is one of the greatest feelings that entrepreneurs experience.

Line #4 "Oh oh out here on my own"

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Now don’t get the wrong impression I don’t think any entrepreneur should ever go after their dreams alone. We need some close friends and family members to nudge us in the right direction from time to time. But when you are an entrepreneur you are alone a lot of the time.

I’ve chosen to take myself out of social situations where I would thrive in order to work from home by myself, going after my dreams. That’s why this line in MAIBA’s song is so important to me.

We as entrepreneurs are choosing to be alone and you have to be comfortable with that.

If you haven’t made the leap to become an entrepreneur yet, there is something you need to know. It can be a lonely journey sometimes. There will be nights you will be working by yourself with no one else around. In order to succeed, you need to be able to handle this and us this to fuel you.

Do you think you can handle that?

I knew I could handle it and wanted to handle it. Hence why I became an entrepreneur. I knew that coming in and I hope this post makes you realize the same thing.

Now that I’ve put MAIBA’s lyrics down in front of you and explained what they meant to me. I’m curious after you listen to the song if you will have the similar feelings I had? Or perhaps they will be a bit different.

MAIBA didn’t write this song while sitting alone working late at night. She created this song for people like you and me to be able to relate to it in various ways.

To me, that’s the sign of a good artist. One that wants to connect their songs to its listeners.

When this happens it draws you in. It makes you want to continue listening to the song, or skip to hear another song by that artist.

Something I found rather interesting is that MAIBA is an entrepreneur herself. By creating her own record label called “More Than Talent”, she’s classified herself as an entrepreneur. Pretty remarkable stuff.

What's even more impressive is that she’s already had a chart topping song called “Ego” that got up there with the likes of Avicii and David Guetta on the UK dance charts.

Having a hit song before releasing a debut album is a great start to a music career. Or any career for that matter. If you're looking for some music to listen to this weekend check out MAIBA and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a Good Weekend Mogul Family!

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  • Alegra
    over 2 years ago New York, NY, United States

    Very cool! How long has she been in the music industry?

    Very cool! How long has she been in the music industry?

    • Clinton Senkow
      Clinton Senkow COO at | Published Writer | Public Speaker
      over 2 years ago Edmonton, AB, Canada

      She's been around for a few years now but mostly known over in Europe. Mostly Germany from my understanding.

      She's been around for a few years now but mostly known over in Europe. Mostly Germany from my understanding.

Clinton Senkow
COO at | Published Writer | Public Speaker

Clinton is a COO at, which is a site dedicated to sharing Unconventional Wisdom From The Minds of Influential Millennial Entrepreneurs that reaches over 6 million people per week. He's a published writer at The Huffington Post, Director of Partnerships for the Next Gen Summit, is a [...]

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