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IBM What can you do with the power of IBM?
9mo Armonk, NY, United States Story
How IBM Makes it Easier for Working Moms in the US

When she returned to work, Carlie Bower pumped breast milk for her son Elian, who is now 19 months old, as well as milk she donated to Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin. She plans to do the same for her daughter, who is due in July.

The Affordable Care Act requires any company that is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act to provide a place, not a bathroom, for new mothers to pump breast milk and the time to do it. The room had to be “shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.

Before the act, mothers pumped in nasty bathrooms, or makeshift spaces in conference rooms or closets. Now more and more offices have dedicated spaces, though many not as nice as the ones at IBM. The new Mother’s Rooms in Austin opened last fall as part of a renovation of the Austin offices, but the company has them at it’s other locations, too.

Traveling IBM employees can use an app to arrange for the breast milk they pump to be shipped home. IBM sends a cooler and shipping materials to an employee’s hotel, one cooler for every day she will be at that location. With the push of a button, the coolers keep the milk cold for up to five days.

For more on our new Mother's rooms follow the link below.

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What can you do with the power of IBM?

There is no other company like IBM and there is no business professional like the IBMer. We are experts in nearly every technical scientific and business field. We are citizens of, and apply our expertise in, more than 170 countries. Yet we are united by a single purpose: to be essential. We do [...]

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