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How I Created My Own Unique Coachella Look

Every year, Coachella sets the bar for the fashion trends for the rest of the season. Name it and you'll see it - choker necklaces from last Coachella are still a major trend, flower crowns from the Coachella before that inspired entire TV show casts to appear on comic-cons with wreaths around their hair (looking at you, NBC Hannibal!) 

It is almost impossible to wear something unique to Coachella but with a little bit of help and a lot of inspiration, you can definitely beat the competition as far as being unique goes. 

  • Check Out Small Businesses and Etsy Shops - If you're going for an outfit from a bigger brand, you'll meet many outfit doppelgangers all through the fest. While that may not be the worst thing in the world (great outfits are meant to be shared, eh) you want to break the fashion rules when you in such a groundbreaking arena. This is where smaller businesses come in. There are a great number of Etsy shops to fulfil your jewellery requirements. For clothes, go for smaller brands that are known for their boho vibe. For instance, I always get my boho shorts and harem pants from OneTribeApparel.
  • Spend Some Time Researching Trends on Instagram - My favorite thing to do on Instagram is spending hours on the explore page. Now that the algorithm has improved and the bookmark feature has been introduced, it is easy to scroll down the page and simply bookmark the best ideas you see. Whether it's an idea to create a goddess headband out of simple tools or something a little more advanced, research never hurt anyone.
  • Stitch Your Own Perfect Outfit - If you have a sewing machine and some basic skills with it, you don't need to put in a lot of work to come up with a unique outfit. For instance, I had an old bag that fit all of my essentials very well and was the sturdiest thing ever, except that it was beginning to look a bit worse for wear. What I did was simple - I picked out a piece of fabric from an old t-shirt and cut out the print from the front. I then stitched it to the front of the bag, and added simple charms to ends. I also added a fringe to the bag to give it some dimension. If you're completely against sewing, there are many nifty tutorials on YouTube to help you out.
  • Find a Tailor - Imagine this - you have a great outfit idea in your head and you also have the fabric and all the essentials. There is just one issue - everytime you try to piece it together with your old sewing machine, you realize that you can't transform a great idea into an actual great Coachella worthy outfit. Fear not, you always have tailors. Just sketch out your design on paper as best you can, write down the important details, and find a tailor you can make it for you. You'd be surprised that his might not be the most expensive option in the world. 

You still have a month to go for Coachella and starting now would ensure that you get all the snags out before the real showdown! Time to look your best for Beyonce! 

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