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How do you Handle Stressful Situations?

My point is, stress is not always bad, but when you feel you are not right, then, to change your life, this is what you need to do to manage stress:

Plan by visualizing expected events:

When you have unimportant event coming, which make you feel now there’s, a great way to release some of the stress you are feeling, like nervousness or fear, is to simply rehearse it. You can do it mentally or by acting. Run it through your mind over and over, the words you will say and the responses you may get. These will allow you to gain self-confidence, and assess self-help motivation mechanism.

Imagine potential negative big events:

This is a great method for people who need to manage stress from work or their health. For example, let’s say you went to the doctor and he ask you to come back urgently. You may feel very stress because it may be something wrong with your body. To stop this feeling, try to imagine the worst scenario, and how these will change your life. The purpose here is not to think negative thoughts, but to try to have a backup plan in case things go differently than you’d expect. So, you’re going to the doctor, think about how to deal with the treatment, what would you need to stop doing from now on, how to tell your family, etc.

Relax by deep breathing:

Deep breathing is very similar to meditation. (In a previous article on Overcoming Depression, I talked about how to meditate). Deep breathing is more a psycho therapy technique, to help you relax your muscles and to improve your circulation, by repeatedly inhaling through your nose, holding their breath for a few seconds, and exhaling through your mouth.

Relax by clearing your mind:

When you try to clear your mind, you can think about a peaceful image or a moment in your life when you were happy. To manage stress, what I like to do is watch videos of babies laughing or eating. It is a very peaceful sensation to see them. You can look for it in youtube.

Relax your muscles:

Stress causes the muscles to become tense. Tightening and relaxing different muscle relaxing the muscles. As you practice this exercise, concentrate as you type in a muscle for a few seconds, then relaxes slowly and feel the difference.

Relax with stretching and exercising:

Stretching exercises can be done anywhere and anytime. I prefer to manage stress, take a walk for at least half hour in just look at the sky, the ground, the trees. It is better to take a walk in the park or near nature.


Meditation is a great tool to manage stress. Click here to read how to meditate.

Think positively:

you need to put things into perspective. First, try to look at the big image of the problem. Ask yourself “these days really going to change your life?” And other ways to think of people who are in the worst situation. For example, always think that there is someone worst than you. Mothers who have lost all their sons at war; African children who haven’t eat for three days; the Mexican worker who left his family to make a few dollars in the US. There are a lot of people in a worst situation.

Ask for help:

If you feel overwhelmed, you may want to ask for help. Find a person that loves to the most, and ask for help. If not, chances are that some of the people around you had similar issues and might have found a solution for particular problem.

Stress is part of everyone’s life. You are not not the only person stressed out. What differentiates you is the way you manage stress. It can lead to serious health issues, or you can even go to managing stress to need help for depression.

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