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HOW do you feel about online Negativity?? YOUTUBE

How to overcome YouTube online negativity??

Almost everyone is unrealistically negative these days, which is so ridiculous, people are throwing down negative comments on Facebook, Instagram, and on YouTube.  Back in the early 2000s, when the internet was quite prominent, people just wanted to have conversations and make new friends and vocalize some wisdom. But now, everyone just wants to say something either negative or positive. either way this shouldn’t stop you from going after what you want. 

Three tips to overcome negativity:

Ignore! Ignore! Ignore

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in interacting with strangers and fans, especially those who show up on your social media or website.  I can give you examples of people and I mean diverse people who just show up from nowhere and throw some harsh and aggressive remarks to people who are talking some truth…These negative people shouldn’t be reprimanded but should be ignored why? THESE negative people will easily get tired of making unkind comments towards you once you ignore them. And guess what this will also make you stronger, as well as enable you to develop a thick skin to avoid negative remarks.

  • The internet has become a training ground for bullying and negative behavior which doesn’t make any sense. So anytime anyone says anything negative about you, remember that this is their problem and not yours. You have a right to ban or block negative commenters from your social media platform or website or rather you could just have a good laugh.........

For more content watch the remaining video and let us get your perspective below: Ladies and Gents make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and leave comments on why you think people say negative things online and do you think it might ever stop at some point?


#so Ignore again because most online haters are probably not happy with their own lives. So Ignore them with some kindness- Instagram User writer tosin_tajo

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