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Simone Katerine
almost 4 years Story
How Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Sex Life

(Mellta and Nathanda Swift, co-owners of Hathor Aprodisia)

For a long time I’ve written off aromatherapy as part hippy mumbo-jumbo, part marketing gimmick. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Mellta Swift, co-owner of Hathor Aphrodisia, a Female owned and operated, Canadian company that specializes in plant aphrodisiacs, that I started to think of aromatherapy as something that could actually be beneficial to my daily life (including my sex life!)

As a sex and relationship blogger, Hathor Aphrodisia’s signature Lubricant Pure has been on the top of my list of favourites ever since I first tried it 5 years ago. However, when Mellta passed me a tube of Hathor’s Sensual Love Lotion and instructed me to put it on my hands and inhale deeply, my mind was blown. It smelled like oranges, sandalwood and (humor me).... happiness.

“This smells amazing” I told her.

That’s when she explained to me the magic behind the Sensual Love lotion and the premise for their entire line of products, “The intoxicating aphrodisiac fragrance of Hathor Aphrodisia Sensual Love Lotion comes from organic essential oils . When you breathe in essential oils they travel through the olfactory system to the limbic portion of the brain. This is the part of the brain that controls sexual impulses and euphoria. Hathor Aphrodisia offers you a full mind body experience to enhance your  sensual playfulness.”

Um, yes please. I was hooked.

Mellta and her business partner (who also happens to be her daughter) Nathanda Swift, aren’t new to the aromatherapy scene. Mellta is a certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Esthetician. “I had a private practice in Holistic healing for ten years and worked for two large European Skin Care companies before entering the manufacturing business with my partner Nathanda to create our own products” she says. In 1989 they launched a line of six aromatherapy massage oils. As she explains, “Hathor Professional Skincare grew to twenty six spa therapy and facial products sold in destination and day spas across the country.”  Recognizing a gap in the market, they  introduced the erotic line of Hathor Aphrodisia products in 2000. “At that time there were very few if any Natural/Organic  lubes to be found on the market. We saw a niche that we could fill in the sex industry” says Swift.

When asked about this transition into erotic products, Mellta says, “we let it [Hathor Aphrodisia] have a life of its own. It took off and now we are in the Sex industry. Sex is definitely more fun!”

Hathor Aphrodisia has expanded into a full line of products that include their signature lube (which I am hopelessly in love with), the eco friendly Lubricant Pure, a water based herbal lubricant which is made out of 7 simple plant ingredients, their collection of “Lickeurs” - organic flavored lubes sweetened with stevia, and to complete the line, there’s the Sensual Love Lotion and Exotic Love Oil containing ethically cultivated essential oils with aphrodisiac properties, which Mellta describes as “rich, fragrant and Euphoric.”

More recently, Swift and her business partner have launched Sutil, a personal lubricant that’s eco-certified, paraben, glycerine and silicone free, for customers who are looking for a lighter feeling alternative to their classic Lubricant Pure. I’ve tried it as well - and let me say, it’s awesome.

You’re probably wondering - what’s the connection between aromatherapy and sex? As Swift explains, “Hathor is the feminine principle of health, beauty, sensuality, love….eroticism. It is all the same to us. We believe that sex plays an important role in health and well being.”

Here’s a few ways you can  incorporate Aromatherapy into a great sex life -

1. Use a natural, eco-friendly based lube.

Many lubes that you find at the pharmacy are chock full of gross chemical ingredients, glycerine and parabens, which have been linked to everything from yeast infections, to endocrine interruption and breast cancer. Hathor’s lubricants are completely free of harmful ingredients. As Swift points out, “The herbal extracts in Hathor lubes are soothing and have natural antiseptic qualities. When it comes to lubes you want the slip without noticing the lube. Hathor blends with your own body chemistry. That’s why it has been recommended by the Department of Gynecology at U.B.C.”

2. Use essential oils during foreplay.

As if you needed an excuse to massage and touch your partner, Swift is happy to point out, “our  love oil and love lotion are designed for for-play. They are luxuriously fragrant.  Their aphrodisiac properties create a Euphoric environment for lovemaking.”

3. Care for your body.

As Swift explains, “Creams and Lotions have become essential in erotic retail. It’s all about physical intimacy”- and not just the kind of intimacy that you share with a partner. “Taking care of the body can be a sensual experience” whether or not you’re preparing your body to share with your lover, says Swift. When you incorporate products made with essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties, “it takes basic hygiene to a new level of sexual ritual” she says.

As Swift is careful to remind us, when it comes to aromatherapy and our love lives, it's not just about sex - but about mindfulness and living an overall sensual life by caring for your body with products that are healthy & natural. “The Products that you purchase for sex should be as natural and healing as your facial products” says Swift.

Amen, to that.

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