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Isabelle Zanzer
2mo Paris, France Story
Here's how you can make a personal star map

There is something in the universe at any given moment, at any given time. The stars are aligned in a certain sequence, a certain pattern, unseen but felt. I always wondered how the stars are aligned on my date of birth, the day I went to law school, the day my sister was born, the day I fell in love - and out of love...

I wanted to dig deeper in the philosophy of astronomy and how accurately stars can be aligned almost to perfection. 

That's why I teamed up with Zoltan from Under Lucky Stars to figure this dazzling quest out. 

Being the first and only original personal star map company, Zoltan, being a software engineer combined with his interest in science and astronomy, embarked on the ride of his life to bring the stars - along with their cosmic force - to your doorstep. When we think about it, the place we've been, the experience we had, the people we met and emotions we felt guided us in this turbulent journey called life. 

They guided us to the person we are today. They made us who we are - stars in this galaxy. And here, Under Lucky Stars, was born.

The journey in their success comes from accuracy. Just like in business, there is no substitution for real-time facts and figures. The same counts for astrology. To make sure they stay on the right track, Under Lucky stars lets their maps be verified by a third party - and not just anyone, I may add. By no one other than Dr Tom Barclay who audits the star map by performing a code review on the star charging algorithms.  Damn do I feel smart writing this... but let's face it, I ain't no NASA scientist. 

But Tom is, as he is currently working for NASA as a research scientist in their TESS mission looking for Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars. Then, all that's left is to make a map dedicated to your special moment, and you're set for life. 

One story that really shook me came from Auckland, New Zealand that shared her experience with the star map. 

A brave woman shared her story: 

On the 2nd of February unfortunately my dad had a motorcycle accident and was unavailable to survive the injuries but on the 3rd of February at 12:34 his heart, lungs and other organs were donated to families all around the country to give them a new chance at life.

She named her star map Dean Andrew Parmentier.

Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people. But for a brief moment in time, we are all stars in this beautiful galaxy. 


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Isabelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from business school before wandering the streets of Paris whilst studying at Sorbonne University. Her passions include writing, boxing, advocating women's rights and cooking without burning down her kitchen. She is also able to talk (and definitely curse) in [...]

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