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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
11mo Europe Story
Hearts without a door or heartless doors?

Paris baby, 2016

When life closes a door to you, people advice you to open it again. It's a door. That's its basic function; to open & close. People on the other hand, have multiple functions- and i use the word in the most positive figure of speech. They are partners, parents, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, neighbors & whatever else you can imagine.

Paris baby, 2016

You allow them to come into your life & then you let them go. Easily like that or not. You let more then to do the same thing again & again. Maybe less easily.. Maybe with fewer expectations, with many or with absolutely none attachment to each other.

Some of them are irreplaceable, while others sneak into your life & you forget it all. Some leave without any notice because their expectations demand more from you & others stick close to you just because their only expectation is You..

Paris baby, 2016

Fruitful expectations. Created knowing that they will never be fulfilled. You want people to have a function in your life; to stay. But you ought to have some space in your heart, to have the will for that & a sunshine to warm them up with. You have to be ready to show them your own magic function.

People will always come and go. They will keep opening & closing doors. Just like they open & close their ❣. In any given chance, with the first sense of boredom, the tiniest fear the greatest disappointment, the most innocent kind of egoism. Some grow up, some get hurt, some simply can't.

People will always come & go.

Doors will always open & close.

You will always know that hearts eventually shut down. 

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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