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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
1y Story
Happy National Poetry Day From Can We Talk!

Did You Know?

October 6th is National Poetry Day? And to commemorate the day we found two poems that align with our mission at Can We Talk? One: Slam Poetry on Our Desire For Love But Our Fear Of Intimacy and Two: Excerpt about the true meaning of the word Pussy and what it signifies.

The Truth About Pussy

“I can’t wait to get out of the U.S. Military. It’s become too pussified.”

you’re worried?
last night weren’t you the one
hungry to be inside me?
you were on your knees
for me
kissing my folds
i know you don’t want them to know
how you begged for it
but you looked so beautiful
glossy and marked.... Read More, It Gets Better

Poetry(words in general) allow us to express emotions that we are often too afraid to say, i.e  love confessions, political issues, and they can be used as a tool in times of war. All we are saying is, poetry is great and allows you to express emotions and even learn about the experiences of others, thank you.

We'll be back later to share more FYI information on STIs and some other news.

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Can We Talk: Sexual Health

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