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Michelle Daines 5
16d Montreal, QC, Canada Story
Happy International Women's Day from the Girl I was to the Woman I am

From me then to me now

You made it baby...from the moment you said "no thank you, I've had champagne before" to the director from Hollywood at the wrap party where your film producer ex boyfriend whom you trusted and still loved a little bit... RL introduced you to him, a Hollywood director who within 5 minutes of sitting down next to you, asked you to go up to his hotel room for champagne... a man who could have led you in the wrong direction ... the memory haunts me and makes me want to vomit.

Would I have become Deputy Mayor of one of the largest cities in the world had I said yes? Doubt it. Decisions we make as young girls who are hunted, chased, solicited by all sorts of men with opportunities for us.....can make or break our spirit...

I decided at that moment that one little movie was enough and that I would go to McGill and become a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology instead of a body that men would trade and for that decision I thank God, the Archangels, Angels, Saints and all the souls in Heaven that watch over me. The descent into the hell that some women have had to endure because they were beautiful and naive when an offer seemed so good and turned out to be the worst decision they ever made.....I avoided that bullet. 

On this day I say to all girls....dare to dream and your visions will come true....just stay loyal to the woman you want to become and you will make it through all challenges....just listen to your does not lie....if it does not feel't look back....become the fastest deer in the forest but run away from those who want to control you and make you do things you know you don't want to do....scream at the top of your lungs....I AM BETTER THAN WHAT YOU THINK I AM.....   


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