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Bria Barrows
8mo Toronto, Canada Story
If You Are Drowning in School Work Just Hang in There

I left the office of one of my profs yesterday and I couldn't even stop the tears from welling in my eyes. 

To be honest, this prof is plain rude, but having someone dissect your work to pieces, work that you think you are putting effort into, is really a let down. 

I had another moment in which I felt like a failure. 

An education is taught to be immeasurable, which I am sure it is down the road, but the process to getting to where you want to be in life based on a degree, masters, diploma or whatever program you may be enrolled in, is not always fun. 

Assignment after assignment and you still aren't getting the grades you could pull off effortlessly in high-school and not to mention professors are ruthless when it comes to grading. 

You may have had that special teacher in high-school who served as both a teacher and a counselor you could run to in moments of uncertainty, but college is a different ball game. 

There are no hugs and "good job" comments after you did an assignment that you put your heart and soul into and there is no one to warn you of failure ahead. 

You go to class, do an assignment and pray to God that you are doing the best you can just to pass.

And honestly, I'm tired. 

I'm tired because even though I'm pursuing a degree that I can do, I still don't know what the hell I want to do with it. 

I'm tired of trying by best on my assignments but still failing to meet the mark. 

Sometimes I just want to give up. 

But I'm hanging in there because honestly, all you can do is your best. You may not be an A student like you used to be, but you are learning life lessons with every failure that you encounter. And life lessons are priceless. 

Most importantly, however, you are not defined by school or the grades that you get. Your experience in school does not determine how successful you will be nor does it define your worth. 

This is honestly just one aspect of your life and all you can do is learn the lessons that you are learning and grow from it. 

So I  know you are frustrated and you want to give up but look back at how far you have come and how much you have endured already. 

You have endured and you are enduring. 

Hang in there friend, you will make it through this. 


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