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Afaaf Qundeel
Afaaf Qundeel Kirush Muser
9d Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Story
Grief of Being Ungrateful

My soul was scowling at me; complaining, why I am making it feel so worthless? It was saying, "Why do you think that every bad thing is just for you?" It was wondering while it said, "Can't you see?!, you have every single organ with perfect functioning. Are you 'with eyes blind' as you can't see the people who are deprived of the complete body structure to show. Besides that, you have a very sensitive emotional heart, which can sense every sensation around it. Have you forgotten about your complete and perfect family who stands by you when you aren't able to even move an inch? Not everyone got this perfect combo." I was answerless to it...

Then it smirked at me and continued its "Oh-so-damn-influential" speech, "I think you have just forgotten about me too—your alive soul. Haven't you realized until now that many people own soulless body?" This time it hits itself with intensity.

It was like, my soul is standing out of my body, looking at me from someone else's eyes; the eyes who crave for the raw completeness I am blessed with. Certain things were so pellucid and unequivocal to me. The grief of being betrayed, being unsuccessful, being replaced, being unwanted, and being misused was actually the hurdles in being grateful for the blessings I have already. I realized being ungrateful is a morass itself. The more you condolence with your loss, the more you slough yourself deep in pain and depression.

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Afaaf Qundeel
Kirush Muser

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