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over 2 years Long Beach, NY, United States Story
Graduating High School: Moving into Adulthood

Graduating high school; as a senior, it seems like it can't possibly come quick enough. As soon as you receive that precious diploma, you are free! You don't have to listen to parents, because you are an adult. You never have to walk back into that school building, built with the stress and gossip of teenagers between the ages of thirteen to eighteen years old. You (most likely) will never have to live in your closet size bedroom in your parent's house full time anymore. 

But, it also means that you will never spend lunch laughing with your friends in the library again. You will never walk your friends to class before rushing to make it to your own before the bell rings. You will never spend hours upon hours studying for your AP exams and IB exams and regents in the Starbucks, surrounded by empty coffee cups and half eaten pizza. 

As graduating seniors, we have to appreciate what time we have left  in this both thrilling and painful place. Appreciate the romantic and platonic relationships you had within these walls; the boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, best friends, school friends,"cliques", and groups of friends. 

Appreciate your teachers. The ones that made you laugh school day within the same period. The ones that gave you hours of homework, hours you spent rushing and stressing with your friends. The ones that always allowed you to hand in your homework late, no matter how late and how close it was to the end of the grading period. The ones that let you sit with and talk with your friends every class period, without complaint. 

Appreciate your parents. Whether you had a healthy or toxic relationship, they taught you so much. If healthy, they taught you how to be an adult, how to be a person. They taught you your morals and values, whether you agreed with them or not. Even toxic parents had a lesson to teach. They taught you how not  to be. They showed you what you didn't want to be and what you didn't want to do. No matter what, these are your last days really being their child, once you graduate, you will be more adult than child. 

Last of all, appreciate your friends. The ones you had briefly. The ones you had since you were a toddler. The ones whose relationship with you remained inside the school walls. The ones you will desperately try to make the relationship last past high school. The ones you know you won't remain friends with past high school. 

Overall, just appreciate the time you have left. Because no matter what your experience has been, it's almost over. And nothing after high school will be like high school. 

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  • Danica
    over 2 years ago

    Congratulations on your huge accomplishment. What made you choose Penn State? 

    Congratulations on your huge accomplishment. What made you choose Penn State? 

incoming freshman @ Penn State * psychology and women's studies major

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