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Getting Your Employees Involved: The Benefits of Volunteering

As a business, it’s essential to have a presence in your community; otherwise, you’re on track to becoming invisible. There are many obvious ways to let your community know you exist, such as advertising and hosting events, but another way is through volunteering.

Not only does it help your company become well-known in your community (free advertising is always a plus), but it will also strengthen your relationship with others and show your support for your community. Your community supports you and now it’s time to give back.

How to Get Your Employees Involved

As the business owner or the person in charge, you can certainly volunteer on your own and represent the company, but it’s best if you can get the whole company involved. Trying to get others on board with volunteering may be difficult for a number of reasons. 

First of all, people have busy lives outside of work. Secondly, they don’t necessarily want to spend their “free” time doing something with their coworkers and boss. Here are some tips to getting employees involved:

Offer Paid Time Off to Volunteer

Your employees work hard, and many of them can’t afford to lose any vacation time or pay in order to volunteer. By offering your employees some paid time to volunteer, even just a few hours a month, they will be more than happy to do it, and they will feel appreciated, too.

Ask For Suggestions or Feedback

Maybe you want your employees to volunteer at the local senior center or at a fundraising event. To keep your employees interested in volunteering, you may want to change up volunteering opportunities or offer a variety of options. 

Ask your employees for feedback. How have their volunteering experiences been? Where would they like to volunteer? Do they have any ideas to become better connected to the community?

Don’t Make Volunteerism Mandatory

When you get you and your employees involved in the community, they are likely to want to keep volunteering but don’t make it mandatory. Some people may not want to get involved, paid time or not.

How Volunteering Will Benefit Your Employees

There are many studies that suggest that volunteering is good for you. Not only can it boost confidence, improve social skills, and help you connect to your diverse community, but your employees may feel more valued in the workplace.

Many employees like and want to work for companies that “do good,” and if your company is well-known for volunteering, it may even attract applicants. Giving them opportunities to volunteer, employees often feel appreciated. Volunteering can also help build your team and increase productivity, breaking down any hierarchy that may take place in the workplace.

In addition to feeling confident and part of something bigger, volunteering also helps people realize and tap into new skills and talents. Some of these skills can be transferred into the workplace and may even motivate your employees to work harder and take the initiative at work.

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