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suzanne.urban Suzanne Urban • Smirking Goddess™ Studio
8mo Connecticut, United States Story
Funny Stuff to Lighten Up your Day from Smirking Goddess™ Studio

I am a writer and illustrator. In 2008 I discovered ETSY and due to a day job, I had limited time to create art to sell; so I turned to writing and since then my ETSY shop SmirkingGoddess™ has served as a venue to sell  magnets, pinbacks and prints featuring my own home-brewed wit. Much of my humor is based on every day frustrations and circumstances, ideas that I wordsmithed to match retro images from my bank of clipart and old school books. My goal is simply to amuse, and lighten up your day, and of course make some money so I can get up and do it all over again.

The above magnet is from my new Feminist line, so apropos in todays climate, and so much so that the magnet found favor with a Huffington Post editor and thus was listed in the 2016 Holiday Gifts for Feminist Families. 

To visit my ETSY shop:

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Suzanne Urban • Smirking Goddess™ Studio

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: My work's been published in national magazines, books and newspapers as well as in in-house corporate publications and licensed on rubber stamps and greeting cards. I left the freelance life in 2002 for a full time staff position but accepted commissions on a part-time [...]

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