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Isabelle Zanzer
16d Paris, France Story
From Paris with love

Bonjour Moguls!

First and foremost, happy women's day! It's an honour and a privilege to write my very first post on International Women's day. 

I am currently pursuing my LLM in international business law at the Sorbonne in Paris and am beyond excited to be the first from my university to join Mogul! Studying both business and law, it's safe to assume writing has kept me sane over the years. I speak 4 languages including French, Dutch, English and Russian and have lived in three countries so far (Belgium, UK and currently France).

My passions include writing, boxing, ballet classes (yes that is the ultimate paradox to boxing) and travelling. 

From fast tracking my education, living life as a nomad, lost friendships and disastrous dates, I hope to have assembled enough hilarious mistakes to share with you. While girls compete with each other, women empower. And this is exactly what I hope to achieve in my future posts. Share experiences, struggles and achievements with women around the globe. Because at the end of the day, we're all in this together. 

I look forward to see what the future holds for us! 

With all my love, 


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Report this post

Isabelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from business school and currently pursues an LLM in International Business Law at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her passions include writing, boxing and cooking without burning down her kitchen. She is also able to talk (and definitely curse) in English, French, Dutch [...]

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