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Ruth Glendinning
7mo Austin, TX, United States Story
From Me to We

In 1975, Muhammad Ali spoke to 2,000 Harvard seniors at a commencement ceremony, during which he was asked to share a poem. 

His response was "Me, We"

In two words, he expressed a sense of community, and of appreciation for support and togetherness.

42 years later, these words are more powerful than ever as America is at a crossroads with the story of what's next is being furiously debated. The only thing that is certain is that this future must be brought forward by all of us who have come from near & far to contribute to this shared community called America.  We must step up and co-create the story of  the U.S. we imagine. Whether you were born here or, as the joke goes, 'got here as soon as you could', the time is now. 

Individuals need a powerful new story that they are a part of America and not separate from it. This story must properly situate people in their communities—neither isolated from each other by virtue of our proscribed history, nor overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of reclamation due to lack of experience. We are equal partners with all that exists, co-creators with leaders both visible and invisible, wisdom both remembered and forgotten, and the imaginal cells in all of us awaiting awakening, in a materially, intellectually and spiritually evolving American identity.

It is time to move from Me to We...together.

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