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Rosemary Nonny Knight
Rosemary Nonny Knight Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.
7mo Story
Freedom is TAKEN by the aware. Ain’t nobody gonna hand it to you!

Is it really freedom if you can only choose within the constraints and boundaries that others have set up for you?

Is it really freedom if you cannot express what you actually think, without fear of being cast out of your church, your work, your friend circle?

Are you really free?

Or have you simply learnt to toe the party line?

Who gets to tell you what is best for you?

Do you actually agree or have you stopped thinking for yourself because the truth is that deep down, you disagree with the general way most people think?

However to voice your disagreement would mean that you could be lonely…

And so you blend in…

Say what they want you to say and tell yourself that you are free…

I suppose you are free to do that.

But are you happy, fulfilled, living out the call and purpose on your life?

You want a successful, money-making, ‘doing what I love’, business…

But you feel too scared to really play full-out because though you are ‘free’, there are certain things that you know you are expected to do and say…

They may not be what you actually do or say…

But you cannot tell the world that…

You even try to logicalise with yourself that the world does not need to know who you really are…

And so, all we get is a bland version of you…

The toned down, ‘I don’t want to be visible’ version of you…

Is that freedom?


Does that lead to fulfilment or wealth?


How controlled are you by guilt?

And when last did you really take a look at what you are feeling guilty about?

Is it actually something bad?

Or is it just a little different from the people around you?

What if you stopped stifling yourself and actually found a way to be surrounded by people who are more open-minded and who think a little more like you?

Would you still find yourself feeling out-of-place?

Trying so hard to fit into a crowd that tries to mould you into a sheep that goes along with what they tell you is the truth…

You are free, honey…

But are you living in freedom?


You may tell yourself that God has put these lines and rules around you but when last did you actually ASK GOD?

Or do you listen to what some unfree person tells you is the truth when they themselves are living in bondage to rules and regulations they feel they have to obey?

Look around you…

Look at the people you surround yourself with, the people you feel safe with…

Are they living the life you want? BEaring in mind that you can have everything…


then why the heck do you believe that you can get the life you feel called to live by following the advice and the norms of this crowd.


Choose freedom!


Dare to question the invisible rules and boundaries that keep you trapped in a life that does not fit you…

Dare to find your own way…

Dare to try new things, knowing that you can make great decisions for yourself as to whether to carry on with them or not…

Do not let fear and guilt and shame control you SOOOO MUCH…

Or even fear of punishment!

It is tough to break free of the conditioning but you have to, if you intend to live a life worth living…

You simply have to!

Honey, you are born to lead but you never will while you keep trying to fit in, to dampen your voice…

It is time to take responsibility for your own freedom!

DELIBERATELY Choose freedom!

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Report this post
Rosemary Nonny Knight
Empowering 334000 people worldwide to achieve financial independence and make a dent on the planet.

Hi, I am Rosemary and I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up, after hitting rock bottom and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It [...]

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