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M.A. Rodabaugh
M.A. Rodabaugh Writer, Humorist, Journalist, Mogul Influencer
4mo Philadelphia, PA, United States Story
Fostering Friendships with Drunk Girls in Bathrooms

I finally recovered from Friday. Hope you had a great weekend. If I see something fun happening soon I'll text you and maybe you can join me! 

That was the text message I sent Tuesday evening to a girl I met at a boat dance party on Friday evening. After securing a drink at the two-hour open bar, this girl and her friend invited me and my friend to join them at their large round table on the upper deck. A casual invitation turned into getting to know each other, serving as bathroom chaperones, and co-dancers. The night was a blur but I made a promise. 

"We will ACTUALLY HANG OUT after this night. I will remember you. This will not be a one-night drunken friendship," I assured my new comrades. 

I'm the girl who kept in touch with her first grade teacher for nearly twenty years. I'll grab drinks with someone from elementary school despite not living in that town for at least twenty-five years. I, like many women, love the drunken bathroom camaraderie. That sweet spot where you're feeling great and compliment every woman you meet on her shoes, her hair, her outfit, her style. I am that girl who will Facebook friend you after a night out or hit you up with a text the next day to make sure you got home safely. 

I'm not creepy, I care. I also value that brief connection we may have shared between libations. I do have my own friends and they are great, but I'm always down to meet new people and see where that friendship road may lead. 

Unfortunately, most people deem this behavior suspect. Oftentimes, my brand new gal pals ignore my day-after-debauchery texts and I get the hint quite quickly. After all, I don't want to seem creepy or desperate. Perhaps we were ships passing in the night and once sobriety took over we realized we were on land all along. 

But occasionally I do foster a meaningful friendship with a drunk girl. Perhaps we met in line while waiting for wine or maybe you spilled your beer and I rushed to your aid with napkins. For you ladies, I just want to say, thank you for giving me a chance. Even if we don't see each other as often as I see my "regular" friends, I still am grateful for random times we had after that serendipitous night. 

I'm happy to report that I heard back from this girl the next day. I'm hopeful we'll hang out soon. I haven't heard from her friend so I chose to communicate strictly through the one who responded to me first. With any new friendship, I'm careful not to "over text" or seem to eager. (When did cultivating friendships start to feel like dating?) Hah! 

Until we hang out, I'll continue to compliment my fellow ladies in the restroom after one too many tequilas and a possible wardrobe malfunction. 

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M.A. Rodabaugh
Writer, Humorist, Journalist, Mogul Influencer

M.A. is a doting dog mom, comedian, writer, writing coach, social media guru, and journalist. She will always make you laugh in inappropriate settings.

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