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Daniella Whyte
Daniella Whyte Researcher. Writer. Student.
over 1 year Texas, United States Story
Forget Tim Kaine and Mike Pence, Elaine Quijano Won the VP Debate

In the only debate for the vice presidential candidates before the November 8th election day, both went head to head sparring and battling over issues to defend their running mates. Personally, I don’t think either one of them were very impressive. But one other person on the debate stage clearly was. 

The moderator, CBS News’ Elaine Quijano, stole the show. With poise, grace, and class she held her own, cut the drama that is evident in almost all political debates, and even scolded the candidates like a mother to a school child (Ouch!)

Despite both Pence and Kaine talking over each other and her multiple times, Quijano stood her ground, kept the debate on topic, and moved the candidates along rarely given them a chance to push their time limits. She also didn’t allow male egotism and pressure get to her. She called out both candidates fairly when they attempted to avoid her questions and she brought up a broad array of issues that I’m sure left the audience more informed about where each candidate stands. 

I’m not the only one who think she totally rocked the debate stage. Viewers tweeting about the event celebrated her demeanor and no-nonsense attitude.

Elaine Quijano also made a little history of her own last night becoming the first Asian-American to ever moderate a national political debate. (Colleagues apparently applauded her from behind as a person well suited to moderate a debate and they were not disappointed.) Of Filipino descent and born in Chicago, Illinois, she is also the youngest moderator in 28 years since Judy Woodruff moderated in 1988 at age 41.

Women, especially minority women, still have to fight for the credit due them at times. But clearly, there’s only one real winner here. Two thumbs up to Elaine for a job well done!

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Daniella Whyte
Researcher. Writer. Student.

Researcher. Writer. Student.

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