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For When Things Don't Go Your Way

Maybe it's time that I learn to accept. Maybe I need to learn to accept the fact that things in life can't always go my way and that you and I can never be. I have liked you for years, but nothing has changed between us.

I've had hundreds of dreams for both of us. There would be times when I'd dream of you driving me home from school, bringing me flowers, and calling me up telling me that you love me. Too bad all of those happy moments are only in my head and in my heart.

In my mind you're the right person for me. I even told myself a few months ago that you could be The One. As much as I like you and want to be with you, something's telling me that it's too early for that to happen. People say that I should just keep waiting for things in my life to fall into place and that patience is a virtue. But what if the guy I'm waiting for is the wrong person?

It's the year 2016 already, and we're still both wide-eyed college students who are trying to figure out what we want and who we want to be. I'm getting the feeling maybe things would turn out bad if we were together. Maybe we'd face problems we've never expected that could turn our world upside down. There are so many what ifs and maybes in my head right now. But the only maybe I'm most sure of is that maybe God didn't let us be together now because he has a better plan in mind for our future than I do. And all I have to do is wait and keep the faith. 

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