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Fly Fishing

What is fly fishing?
It is difficult to convey in words the feelings that fly fishing causes. Fans of this sport say, rightly, that "it's much more than taking a fish out of the water." Like all millenary arts, it has its procedures and secrets, transmitted and improved by generations and generations of fishermen.

The "ceremony" of fly fishing puts into play the dexterity, creativity and, of course, the luck of each fisherman. It also demands a very pleasant physical exercise, like the walk, and develops the ability to "unplug" the world and get in touch with nature in an almost primitive way. Many fishing enthusiasts crave to master this technique which, by the way, is very easy to learn. It just takes a little effort and desires to access a fascinating experience.

How is fly fishing?
The fly is an artificial lure made by the fisherman himself, which is armed with hairs, feathers, threads and other materials that artificially mimic the organisms that make up the fish's food. With a good fly, you can catch small fish and also very big fish.

The technique consists in throwing the fly through a line of variable diameter, known as "tail of mouse". In the previous end, a section of nylon called "leader", of approximately three meters is attached. The thinnest part, where the fly is attached, is called "tippet". There are several types of mouse queues. It is most advisable to have at least two types: a floatation line and a sinking line.

 Recommended Equipment:

- Fishing rod (suggested, from number 3 to 5).
- Floating and sinking lines.
- Flies or lures, dry and humid (the entomology of Córdoba is varied and seasonal, there are lobsters, butterflies and a large population of nymphs).
- Wading boots and a good jacket, since the mountain climate usually changes suddenly.

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