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Flat shoes or high heels?

Is that wearing a pair of high heels to abuse your feet and wearing flat shoes is to neglect yourself? The battle between high heels fans and flat shoes fans is a never end because one side worships the beauty and the other worships the comfort. There are many reasons for our supports but we just need a little flexibility and skill, we will be beautiful but still comfortable.

Advantage comparison

For girls who love to wear shoes, there are also their reasons. In a pair of flat shoes, your legs and feet are "liberated,” not be pressed on high heels that make the feet sore. You can also move with the shoes whenever you like without any pain and fatigue. Moreover, there are many types of shoes for you to choose such as sneakers, doll shoes, sandals, and ballerina flats. They can suit with many different clothes and fashion styles you want.

In the other hand, putting on a pair of high heels, you will look more feminine and sexy. Besides, this is also the measure of the maturity, professionalism, even the success of a woman. According to a University of Kansas study published in the journal “Evolution and Human Behavior”, both males and females in the survey said that women wearing high heels would be more attractive than wearing flat shoes. In fact, just based on the experience, when you put on a pair of high heels, you will find yourself beautiful. That is the attractiveness of high-heel shoes to the half the world.

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