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Jodi Hill
Jodi Hill Influencer
over 1 year Pittsburgh, PA, United States Story
Five Phases of success

Well apparently my thoughts and creativity don't seem to have an off button lately; so, that being said, I will be posting whenever inspiration, thoughts, or ideas some to mind.  If I don't or cant write, I feel caged in a way.  So feel free to comment, like, hate, laugh, insert eye roll, share my posts, unfriend or block me, support me, ignore it, but regardless, I am going to follow my passion and share what I feel compelled to.  My hope is that at least one person out there in social media land will feel inspired, understood, loved, supported, motivated, or excited to go for their dreams and follow their passions.  Anyway, here is what I've been learning and understanding about myself and what I'm figuring out about success:

Success goes through phases.  Obviously, it never happens over night.  However, we now live in such a delusional "instant results" society.  We are so overwhelmed with an extreme amount of information coming at us from all directions all the time.  24/7 we are being fed (mostly false) information and the truth that we rarely get is still skewed, bent and twisted.  One of the bogus ideas we are fed daily is that success just happens and it happens quickly if we just "believe" and we make "vision boards" and "think it" into being.  Well...that's just not realistic.  Success takes time, patience, perseverance, determination, focus, hard work, and most importantly, passion.  Success goes through phases or stages:

1. a creative idea or dream.

2. Inspiration.  Once that idea or dream comes to light, what is the inspiration that will keep that dream or idea alive?

3. Motivation to keep the idea and inspiration going.  It's what pushes you through those days when you don't feel smart enough, qualified enough, strong enough, when you're too tired to wake up in the morning and all you can think about is getting into bed at night because you've burned yourself out. (Ummmm yes, that's me a LOT of the time).

4. Focus.  Focusing on your outcome.  What is it that you want to accomplish in the end (and honestly it can't be money because ultimately money isn't what makes us happy, it's being OF VALUE, paying it forward, giving back, etc.)  Money and proving everyone else wrong or getting revenge by being successful should never be the sole focus because NONE of that is fulfilling.  Happiness is.  Forbes Magazine shouldn't have a World's Richest list, it should have a World's happiest list.  I guarantee you 99% of the people on that list would NOT be the richest people financially in the world.

5.  Determination.  Determination to get back up when you fail (and you better pray that you fail a LOT)  Failing isn't a bad thing.  Isn't shameful or taboo.  We MUST fail in order to learn and grow.  A child learning to walk MUST fall on their ass 1000 times before they ever get enough knowledge, skill, and finesse to take their first steps forward and ultimately to run.  Do they stop there? No! They become athletes, doctors, lawyers, journalists, soldiers, police, firefighters, etc.

ALL of these phases are necessary to get to where you want to be, but putting all of these together are still not enough to gain success in life UNLESS and UNTIL we hit that "Ah Ha" moment.  That moment when what I call the "bitch switch" gets flipped.   It's only when your subconscious has finally had enough with the status quo or the "norm" that we have been so comfortable living in says enough is enough. When the pain of staying where you are is worse than not moving forward.  When you stop trying to convince everyone else that "it's time to focus on me, my dreams, my goals..." etc.  When someone is at that point in their life, they are still trying to convince the world that they are ready, but in reality, they are looking for validation and excuses to stay stuck.  (been there, done that.  Not judging, just keeping it real.)  When you stop talking and start doing, that's when you are BEGINNING the first stage to success.  That's when the tiger comes out of its cage.  That's when you no longer care what anyone else thinks about you. That's when you no longer feel you have to explain just HOW you're going to get shit done, you just do it.  That's when you no longer seek validation on social media as in "it's time I..."  You just go for it.  That's when we, as women, pick up our swords and become warriors and stop being worriers.  

Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest!  Back to NaNoWriMo work.  

Good night and God bless!!

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Jodi Hill

I am a writer and also a contributor for Influencing Entrepreneur Magazine. I am, and have been, a small business owner since 2008 striving to help those job seekers who need to amp up their pre-employment documents such as Cover Letters and Resumes, provide interview tips and tricks, interview [...]

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