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Female Drivers Influence the male-dominated field?

Do women face any unique challenges while working as truckers? Keep reading to learn about the experience and contribution of female workers in the trucking industry.

Contribution of female workers

The challenge has been on the male workers to do even better in the industry. Here are some of the ways through which women have influenced the trucking industry.

  • Shortage problems

The trucking industry has faced shortage of workers for several years now. Media campaigns have been started to encourage people to apply for jobs in the industry. By joining the industry, women are helping in reducing the shortage. The number of women interested in the industry may not be sufficient to eliminate the shortage.

  • Improve conditions

Today, the conditions have changed to accommodate women. Carriers have to ensure that the trucks are safe for women to drive. The controls and facilities in all checkpoints and destinations have changed. While the changes were meant for women, male truckers have also benefited.

  • Safety 

It is common knowledge that women drivers are more careful than male drivers are. Generally, women cause less crashes and accidents than men do. Statistics show that men cause twice the number of crashes that women cause. This is because women do not take many risks when driving. It makes business sense for carriers to add women to their payroll.

  • Conclusion

The conditions in the trucking industry have changed to accommodate female workers. The jobs in the industry are no longer reserved for tough males.

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