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over 4 years New York, NY, United States Story
Moguls of the World: Vienna Stampeen, Gorgeous & Multi-Talented Actor with a Heart of Gold

Meet the stunningly gorgeous model, actress and writer, Vienna Marie Stampeen. Already a seasoned entertainment industry veteran at the age of 22, this rising star got her start at the age of 14 upon being scouted by a local talent agency. After booking a few local jobs, she got the itch to make it in the big leagues, and thus packed her bags for New York; she was quickly sought after as a commercial and editorial model.

At the peak of her modeling success, Vienna decided to take a break and travel the world. Following living in four different countries and learning two additional languages, she returned to New York with a renewed sense of purpose and eagerness to pursue her passions. Soon after, she successfully transitioned from modeling to acting, and has been rocking it ever since. Her film projects have screened at various film festivals and it is just a matter of time before she lands a role in a major studio film. Most recently, she starred opposite Joseph Cross in the upcoming film The Automatic Hate, written and directed by Justin Lerner.

In addition to acting, Vienna is a passionate activist who devotes time to various charities, as well as running her own platform called Operation Role Model, which empowers girls and young women. Vienna uses her experiences in modeling and acting to get through to young girls and women through workshops, events, public speaking and one-on-one coaching. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Vienna is also a talented writer who has multiple projects in the works.

This multi-talented mogul is definitely one to watch and we are proud to call her our MOGUL Woman of the Month for February.

Full Name: Vienna Marie Stampeen

Occupation: Model, Actress, Writer

Hometown: I was born in Toronto, raised in Halifax and then retreated back to Toronto on my own.

MOGUL: What made you want to be an actor, model and writer?

Vienna Stampeen: I saw The Sound of Music when I was four and was completely entranced. I quickly became obsessed with movies. My interests quickly surpassed the childrens section and into old films with hollywood glamour, comedy and adult storylines. I thought nothing was as magical as the way that a story could be told in films. I just wanted to be a part of that. That dream and inspiration carried me all throughout being severely bullied, depression and an early life crisis.

Writing has been a part of who I am since I learned to write. I recently found a box of old notebooks from age 6-15 all full of detailed stories with weird and complicated plot twists with topics varying everywhere from autobiographical to fantasy and sci-fi. I had an extremely active imagination and internal world, and that just grew with me into adulthood.

Modeling was the least organic of the three that I have taken. I was a tomboy deeply lacking self confidence. I had light hair, big dark eyebrows and a small frame. A few opportunities came to me in my hometown and I fell in love with the experience of it and released my preconceived notions of what modeling was. I quickly became intoxicated with the contagious inspiration of the people I was meeting on sets and the fantasy and beauty that I was a part of creating in the final product. Modeling really empowered me with a platform to grow into myself, develop a strong sense of self, confidence and find my voice. Modeling also taught me the skills of being on camera, how to perform, work with others, professionalism and many amazingly valuable contacts and support which then opened the doors for acting and writing.

MOGUL: What has been your favorite artistic endeavor to date and why?

Stampeen: By far, my favorite artistic endeavor to date is what I am working on now. I have a book that is in the final stages, and a film that is still under wraps, among a few other exciting endeavors.

2 years ago I made a major decision to take a break, take a step back and reevaluate my life, goals and career. One of the many epiphanies I had was that even though everyone saw my status as successful, my authentic definition of success wasn’t what I was living at the time. Fast forward and now I am creating projects, expressing myself, accepting modeling and acting jobs that are in alignment with my goals and values, and living an overall amazing, divinely inspired life.

At the time, my agents, management and other people around me were warning me that taking time off was going to kill my career because it would be losing the momentum that I had gained, and I was at the point of just taking off in the big leagues. In reality, me taking time off and my reasoning for it created more intrigue and mystery around me, and I got more offers than I had before. Offers and opportunities that are bigger, better and a fit for who I am and what I have to offer.

MOGUL: Your ultimate dream pertaining to career?

Stampeen: The ULTIMATE dream is just to be able to write, act in, and create meaningful projects that affect people and to have a level of success that allows me to do all those things freely, and without all the turmoil and stress of searching for financing and resources to make my work happen. There are so many insanely talented people whose work is never seen or appreciated on the scale that it should be for frustrating reasons like lack of esteem or money; the artist's plight. I would consider myself extremely fortunate, successful and happy to be living comfortably and creating without restrictions.

MOGUL: As an activist, what are the causes you are most passionate about supporting?

Stampeen: I’m a firm believer that when supporting causes or participating in volunteer activities, they need to be organizations that focus on creating independence for whomever they are aiding or working with. I believe that the most empowering thing you can do for other people or animals is to get them to the point of being independent.

So within that sphere, I have volunteered with an animal rescue in the Himalayas which educated a largely uneducated population on animal handling, care, diseases and other important things, including factors that we don’t have to worry about in our part of the world. We spayed and neutered dogs in areas that were overrun with wild dog populations carrying rabies and other infectious diseases; as well as aiding many other types of animals, performing surgeries, and even fostering a puppy who was in particularly bad shape, whom we found a local forever family when he was strong and healthy.

For a short time, I had the opportunity of working with a human trafficking organization in Costa Rica. I learned a lot, grew up a lot, and I felt fire in my belly for the first time. Fire of rage, fire of sadness, fire of confusion and ultimately, fire to fight. The organization I was a part of uses limited resources to accomplish big things. They find, recover and rehabilitate victims and their families. Ever since, I have made human trafficking one of my biggest fights and have things in the works to further that mission.

Women’s rights is under the same umbrella of human trafficking, and another topic which I plan to exercise my voice and message in the future. I wish I was at the stage of being able to disclose more.

In short, I would say my soul causes are women’s rights globally, animals and human trafficking.

MOGUL: Hobbies outside of work?


  • Yoga morning, noon and night

  • Photography

  • Making mini short films

  • I’m a major foodie. I’m a passionate vegan which makes the hunt for amazing food interesting. I spend a lot of time enjoying vegan restaurants and cooking and baking food at home that is insanely delicious yet deceivingly healthy.

  • Blogging

  • Watching Films

  • Reading. I love books. The more musty book smell, the better.

  • I have converted all the products in my life to homemade organic and vegan products. I spend alot of time making those things including homemade cosmetics, body products, soy candles & cleaning products.

MOGUL: Most inspired by?

Stampeen: Starry Nights, Salty Oceans, Love, 40’s hollywood, Vintage Jewellery, Road Trips, Humans, Raw Chocolate, Travelling & Nature.

MOGUL: If you could meet 3 people from history?

Stampeen: Coco Chanel, Kahlil Gibran & Alexandra David-Néel

MOGUL: Favorite time of day?

Stampeen: 3:00 am- 7:00

I call it the magic window.

MOGUL: Personal motto?

Stampeen: “Stand for something or fall for everything.”

MOGUL: Funniest dating story?

Stampeen: I’ve been so fortunate with a dash of luck in dating. My funniest dating story isn’t about me. I was on a double date with one of my best girlfriends. I was with a guy I was casually seeing at the time and he brought a friend for her. I was having a great time. My poor friend on the other hand was not. The whole time her date was relentless about trying to kiss her. The first time she punched him in the nose, a reflex she said. The second time she curled up into the fetal position and the third time she pulled out a nail file and started filing her nails. He responded by saying: “Are you just gonna file your nails?”

She says: “Yep. And then I’m going to paint them.”

He then had a deliciously confused/ pissed look on his face and said he would be right back and left the apartment. My friend got up and locked the door behind him and didn’t unlock it when he did come back.

I claim this story because I was there.

She blames me because I was there.


MOGUL: Your best date?

Stampeen: I was backpacking in Nepal and met a man on a rickety, old bus I was taking across the country. We chatted most of the 9-hour ride, and upon arriving, he asked me to accompany him on a trek through the Himalayas he was going on. I said yes. The trek lasted 2 weeks and that was our first date. It’s definitely a strangely, amazing way to get to know someone.

MOGUL: Most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone?

Stampeen: I had my first boyfriend when I was 14. He played hockey like the good Canadian boy he was. We had just watched ‘P.S I Love You’ together and so when he went away on a hockey tournament, I wrote a series of letters, one for each day he was gone, ending them each with P.S. I love you.

Another guy on the team ended up finding them and my little letters apparently weren’t so cute as it was hilarious to the others boys on the team and in my school. He felt terrible that he let them out of his sight while I had girls telling me they thought it was beautiful.

Young Love. I’m glad I had it and even more glad that it’s over.

MOGUL: Current favorite song?

Stampeen: ‘Seize The Day’ by Carolyn Arends

My mom played it everyday in our house and I still play it daily. It’s just inspiring vibes.

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  • Joyce
    over 4 years ago

    I love this type of interviews of young female professionals! Great job!

    I love this type of interviews of young female professionals! Great job!

    • Janet McCarthy
      over 4 years ago

      I wished that it had been me that got the interview! This said, i still like it a lot even if it is not me! :-)

      I wished that it had been me that got the interview! This said, i still like it a lot even if it is not me! :-)

      • Carol S.
        over 4 years ago

        I feel good seeing more and more independent and talented women coming into the ranks!

        I feel good seeing more and more independent and talented women coming into the ranks!

  • Mayreen J.
    over 4 years ago

    Very interesting conversation! It will be great to have more like this!

    Very interesting conversation! It will be great to have more like this!

    • Marla Mc
      over 4 years ago

      Yes, this is great to see who is raising from the female ranks!

      Yes, this is great to see who is raising from the female ranks!

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