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Famous Astrologers Suggest Wearing Sapphire When Needed

Neelam of blue sapphire is very strong gemstone that famous astrologers India suggest to people who actually need it. It is because blue sapphire can be a disturbing gemstone if it doesn’t suit any person and may become a cause of his death. This gemstone is used for satisfaction of Saturn.

Every human being become afraid of Saturn and anyone comes under the negative impact of Saturn; he/she fells pernicious trouble and embarrassment. It is responsible for all sorts of obstacles.

The blue sapphire brings its impact faster and shows its effects within 36 hours. It has potential to give extremely positive and strongly negative effects. This is why astrologers recommend this gemstone to people who actually need it. They perform a detailed study for this. For checking blue sapphire suitability, you can keep it at your bedside for at least three days.

During those three days, if you have disturbing dreams, or fall ill or feel any change in yourself, remove the gem immediately because it doesn’t suit you.

If blue sapphire suits you, it will show miraculous results. If you are Taurus and Libra ascendant, then Saturn is yogkarak planet, which mean it cab bless you with wealth, health, opportunity, mental clarity, and promotion. Blue sapphire or neelam offers a positive financial boost. It gives fame, name, and spiritual practice.

You must see blue sapphire as a highly protective gemstone as it protects you from evil eye, enemies, disease, jealousy, depression, sadness, etc. If it doesn’t suit you, it brings psychical distortion, death, insomnia, loss, quarrel with relatives, enemies.

Blue sapphire should be set up in a ring made with gold, iron or panchdhatu (mix of five elements – 1 part gold, 3 parts lead, 2 parts silver, 4 parts iron, and 1 part copper) on Saturday. The gemstone weight should be more than 1.5 rattikas (1 rattika = 0.9 carats). If you get a 5.25 rattika or 7.25 rattika blue sapphire, it will be better.

How to wear blue sapphire?

If your astrologer has suggested you to wear blue sapphire, you need to wear it on Saturday, at sunset in the hora of Saturn, under the pushya, swati, chitra, dhanistha, or shatbisha Nakshatras, amavasya and astami tithi.

The ring should be immersed in raw cow’s milk. You need to wash it with ganga jal that is kept in a copper pot overnight. Make sure you sit facing west. Keep the ring on a black cloth on which a Saturn yantra is drawn with red paste of sandalwood, rice paste, or roli.

For more information, contact famous astrologers India today.

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