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EmpowermentGuru Writer & Storyteller Trainer
over 3 years Scottsdale, AZ, United States Story
Fairy Godmothers

After recovering from my 2013 Burn Out I found myself with all this free time!

I believe we have to let go of old patterns and heavy attachments before new patterns and anything light can come in to support us. One of my favorite take-aways from my burn out was that I was ready for parts of life I had to put on hold while I was leading a start-up non-profit. Mainly, what I realized I was ready for was to be a rockstar partner and wife to some rockstar partner and husband. That meant, I had to make time and room for us and him.

After I found a new groove for myself, I set clear intentions that I was open and welcoming of intimate conversations and connections. And since I know my life is pretty much in the hands of a higher power, I set intentions that these conversations and connections lead me to whoever I’d be a rockstar with.

Enter my Fairy Godmother!

My Fairy Godmother is a magical, spiritual, spunky woman from New York.

She and I connected right away. There was something about her that made me listen harder. I leaned in just to get closer to her energy. As it turns out, she felt the same way about me!

We were sitting at a women's conference one afternoon and I was in awe of her open heart. She said what she felt and showed total vulnerability. She caught me looking at her. She smiled and said, “I get you.” How brilliant, I thought! She got me – not what I did for a living or my mission in life – just me!  

Our friendship quickly evolved.

I wasn’t surprised when she asked me to her house for lunch in the summer of 2014. I was surprised though that she told me to clear my schedule. It was a Thursday in June.  

I showed up to my Fairy Godmother’s house just as she was walking in with bags of groceries hanging from her arms. I got why I had to clear my schedule. Girl time at Mella's house didn't mean she was making lunch for me. It meant we were making a meal together.

So, we made Greek salad, breaded tilapia, and key lime pie together as we talked about life and purpose and men. She asked me a lot of questions about men. 

She set out a table cloth, lit two pink candles and placed her good China out. It was the best lunch date I had been on for at least five years.  

The energy in the room changed a bit when we sat down. My Fairy Godmother had her hand pressed against her forehead and she was mumbling to herself. 

I could tell she was working something out so I stayed to myself and started working on my Greek salad. 

Suddenly, she slammed her hands down on the table, stood up and ran out of the kitchen screaming, “I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of him before!”

I wanted to ask her what was going on but I was chocking on an olive.

She was still mumbling about this man when she sat back down with her laptop.

The olive came back up. I wanted to get in on whatever Mella was doing across from me, but I couldn't act fast enough. 

Mella opened up her email and read her message out loud as she typed it.

“Dear friend, I know your son’s soul mate. Please call me. Love Mella.”

She shut her lap top and went back to eating.

My airway was suddenly fine yet I forgot how to speak. I was stunned into silence. I blinked several times and looked around the room. This had to be a dream.

After a few beats I said, “Mella, what did you just do?"

She forked a chunk of feta and laughed. 

"Was that about me?"

She nodded her head without looking at me. "Oh, watch out for these olives. They have pits." 

"Have you done this before to friends at your lunches? Is this is a side business I didn't know about?"

"You're my first," she said. 

“Can we talk about your friend and her son? Who is he?" My voice sounded different and sweat formed on the back of my neck. 

“You’ll love him. I think his name is Mark,” Mella said.

“YOU THINK HIS NAME IS MARK? Have you even met him?" I took a long drag of water. 

“Yes, I've met him. And, you’ll love him,” Mella said grinning! 

“Okay, what’s he like?” I said pushing my lunch off to the side and leaning back in my chair. 

“He’s passionate and really smart and just a great guy. You’ll love him.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that,” I laughed. Because at this point, laughing felt like the only option I had. “What’s Mark do?”

“He’s a filmmaker,” Mella said.

Mella’s husband walked into the kitchen and joined us for our girls date. As she filled him in on my love life, his eyes zeroed in on me. He was excited to help play matchmaker. Meanwhile, I was concerned that the air conditioner had broke or that the walls were caving in. I got up from the table to dig through my purse. I was hoping to find a ponytail holder. 

“Mella, I think this is great, but you have it wrong. He’s not a filmmaker. And I don't think his name is Mark.” Mella’s husband said.

I couldn't believe this was happening. By far the most random lunch conversation I had ever had. And I wasn't even having it!

“He is to a filmmaker,” Mella said. "He sat right there and told me about his movies." Mella pointed to a chair at the table with her fork, tilapia dangling off the tip.

“Well, he does that too but his main job is a chiropractor,” he said.

"You don't even know what he does for a living," Mella? I said. I gave up on my hair and started hunting through cupboards for alcohol. 

Mella guessed what I was searching for and pointed to the fridge. "Glasses are in the dishwasher. Pour me a glass too, dear." 

I sat back down with two glasses of white wine. 

"Cheers," Mella said! 

The wine didn't help any. 

The shock of what Mella did wore off by the time dessert came. She sent that note out because she got me and my heart. Not many women can say they have a woman like Mella in their lives and I was going embrace it. 

Before our lunch ended I told Mella I was going to call her my Fairy Godmother from then on. She agreed to it and invited me back to her house the following night for a dinner party she was having.

I accepted her invitation to dinner and left.

My life went on as it does, but I felt a bit more magical. 

The next morning started with an email from Mella with the subject line “I love the way the Universe works.”

Her note to me read:


Wear lipstick tonight. My friend I emailed about you yesterday is coming to dinner with her daughter. You’ll love them both. Don’t be worried.

PS, his name is really Chris.



I responded to Mella with this:

“Good morning, my Fairy Godmother! I love the way the Universe works too. See you soon!



The original version of this story appears on The Huffington Post. 

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