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almost 2 years Miami, FL, United States Story
Fairly Shocking Pictures of Celebrities Without Makeup

We, the young generation envy the life of celebrities. We try to copy them, try to copy their hair do, their makeup and the way they dress up. Each time we see our favourite celebrities, we get amazed that how one can look so ravishing and handsome all the time.

However, we are unaware of the fact that they are celebrities and it's their job to look good whenever they face camera, because if their looks does not appeal us then it would have harm their carrier. 

On the other hand, if we get to see them without makeup, we could hardly recognize them.
There are a lot of celebrities in the movies industry who look entirely different with or without makeup.

Kajol is another example of a celebrity who does not look that attractive without makeup. Its just her talent that attracts her followers towards her. You can download full movies online in which kajol has worked till this time from hd motion movies free of cost to watch at home.

The dusky actress, Deepika padukone is considered to be one of the most attractive
bollywood heroine. She is the most sought after actress of the Indian cinema but she too
does not have that bright complexion as we see on screen.

Well, as we have shown you some of the examples of celebrities who does not look
charming without makeup, we have many in our list who looks as good without makeup as
without the makeup on. Some of them are as under:

Aishwarya is the true beauty and she does not need anything to make her elegant, we can
say that makeup for her is like icing on the cake. Makeup gives some glamour to her beauty and thats it. She will be seen in movie thor ragnarok this year in the lead role.

Anushka sharma is a bundle of talent and cuteness both. she looks as fresh and graceful
without makeup as with the make-up on.

Our very own Kareena kapoor Aka bebo has got that natural looks. We can say thay she
inherited this bright and glowy complexion from his family. She always looks mesmerizing no matter what.

To conclude with, we can say that, not all of them look bad without makeup. Some of them
has their own charm. And moreover, they have highly skilled and trained makeup artist
whose skills do the wonders. The think we all should keep in mind that we should not copy
anyone to look the way they look, as we all are special and have our own special qualities
which others don't have. so, it is now clear that we follow a particular celebrity purely on a basis of their talent, and not because the way they look. We all can look good if we get to wear such expensive clothes, and get the makeup done by celebrity make-up artists, but all that matter is our talent and not our appearance.You can get latest celebrity photos online in high definition of your favorite celebrities.

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