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7mo Scotland, United Kingdom Story
Existence in Adulthood?

Sometimes I want to say “f-off” to reality. There is this perception in the current generation that life has to be ON all the time. Productivity is a must. There is no time for daydreams or countless hours spent zoning out and contemplating everything around you. You’re lazy if you’re not efficient. You’re a burden to society if you are unsure about yourself. Why have we created a culture that is so transfixed on what everyone else is doing? I should be able to do whatever I want and not be tempted with the anxiety that someone else doesn’t think how I choose to spend my time, is important enough. Some days you need time to sit with your laptop on your bed with a mug full of coffee and just, exist.

Before society, before civilization, before people understood how to be “proper citizens,” we just chilled. We would hunt, gather, create, story tell and just live. Everyone loves to talk about the struggles of the human race, how we owe it to our ancestors to be the best versions of ourselves. What if the best version of myself is to just sit back and let life unfold in front of me? Why am I so criticized for allowing myself time to figure out this shitty existence labeled adulthood?

Graduating college is an accomplishment but just because I hold a degree in my hand doesn’t mean I have any intentions to pursue a career just yet. No job? No problem! No focus? That’s fine! There should be a detox period allowed for those of us who are 22 with no clue what to do. Reality can wait because right now, I want travel, I want sex, I want a unhealthy balance of sweets and exercise, I want days spent hanging out with friends talking about shit that is not important.  Most importantly, I want to figure out what being “me” really means. Is that alright society? Can I just exist without scrutiny coming from the looming eyes of the unimportant? Life moves fast, and everyone needs a break sometimes. A break where there is nothing happening, nothing going anywhere, and people can just BE.

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23yr old from Alaska. Living in Scotland. Traveling, writing, reading and dancing my way through life.

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