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Exceptional Female Entrepreneurs Making Physical Products

In this modern day and age where everything is digitalized and new entrepreneurs are mainly focusing on making their big break through offering software we’ve grown into the habit of forgetting about the fundamental importance of actual physical products. In honor of the International Women’s Day we have decided to focus on some truly exceptional female entrepreneurs, who have made a name for themselves through making physical products.

Sara Blakely – the creator of Spanx underwear

Nowadays women from all over the world are using Spanx underwear, although back in the days nobody wanted to acknowledge the innovate idea Sara Blakely had when she wanted to start manufacturing these distinctive pants. She was running low on budget and she was harshly turned down by every single representative of all hosiery mills located in North Carolina, US. You might be surprised, but nobody saw the potential in her and nobody wanted to bet on an unestablished female entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, Blakely never gave up on her idea. She went through the trouble of writing her own patent, purchasing the legal rights by herself, hand-crafting the packaging and using her family members and friends to test out her products. Eventually, she earned her big break despite all setbacks. One of the most important lessons we learned from Blakely is that you have to be willing to make mistakes on your way to success.

KofoAkinkugbe – founder of smart card production company SecureID LTD

Before KofoAkinkugbe rose to stardom she spent twelve long, tedious years working in the financial sector. Just like tons of women from all over the globe she finally decided to quit her day job in order to start her own company – Interface Technologies, which focused on biometrics technologies and security management. Her noteworthy achievement, SecureID LTD, kicked off as an offshoot from one of Interface Technologies’ smallest departments.

As we all know the key to a successful entrepreneurship is presenting innovation and that’s exactly what SecureID did. The company is currently a leading smart card manufacturer in Africa. After spending years on slaving for somebody else’s idea she is finally doing something satisfactory for herself – empowering women like you to pursue their dreams by believing in their innovative entrepreneurship goals.

AdenikeOgunlesi – founder of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble clothing

Another exceptional female entrepreneur making physical products is AdenikeOgunlesi, the founder of Nigerian children apparel brand Tuff ‘n’ Tumble. Just like you, Adenike didn’t come from a family of renowned clothing designers and she didn’t have millions to invest in her dreams.

Back in 1996 she started making clothes for her own children and decided she can make a living by it. If you think that starting your own clothing line is impossible, take a note from Adenike’s own story. She had to start out by selling her craft from the trunk of her own car! We are all too familiar with the lack of financial freedom, but Adenike never allowed her penury to prevent her from achieving success. To this day Ruff ‘n’ Tumble is manufacturing children apparel for youngsters aged up to 16, and the brand is easily recognizable throughout Nigeria.

Erin Balogh–inventor of the hot iron holster

You probably think that taking care of two children and juggling a job as a nurse at the ER means you will never be able to become a successful entrepreneur. This is where Erin Balogh beat all odds.

She was the parent of two young daughters and a nurse when she launched her innovative product – the hot straightening iron holster. To be frank, we all need this incredible invention when we’re running short on counter space, but that doesn’t mean that Erin’s idea was carried out easily. She worked hard against her fear of failure and she never gave up on perfecting her product. One of the most essential lessons we can learn from her is that we have to be brave, bold and willing to make time for the things we want to achieve, especially when the industry is trying to demolish us for being female entrepreneurs. And these are intrinsic key factors to becoming a successful business owner.

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