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sgfservices SGF Services Co. Ltd
7mo 142 Two Pacific Place Building, 23rd Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Story
Evolve With The Industry or Move On

2017 is here but many companies can't simply get out of their habit of how they did SEO in 2010. That is the major reason why most of the SEO companies die silently or keep coming up with different identities after messing up at the first go. SEO has changed a lot and the successful players are those who adjusted and evolved with time. Hey, even Matt Cutts is not there anymore. Move on!

The major change in approach is how SEO has changed from a quantitative approach to a qualitative approach. For example, SEO companies used to count how many links they have created for a client as a metric of their success and yes, it worked, but in 2010. In 2017, a SEO company in Bangkok should ask themselves, how many quality links they have created and even how many bad links they have removed for the client! 

This change in approach is needed and it should be a top down lesson. The CEO of the company must assimilate it and should drill it down to the lowest level of SEO executives so they realise what their ultimate aim is, how their success would be measured as an employee.

 We have been in this business for a long time to realise one thing, many people and experts can't simply change fast enough and thus, when those Google updates come, they lose complete clue. This is a fast moving domain and one must either embrace it or find another profession.

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SGF Services Co. Ltd

SGF Services has the most talented team of web developers in Thailand and our team is creating magic for our clients. Using the latest technologies, we are building fully functional yet beautiful websites for our clients. All our websites are fully responsive and made SEO-friendly so they load [...]

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